3 Reasons to Invest In Garage Floor Coating

You may not think much about the way your garage floor but if left uncoated you will likely start to notice the wear and tear it takes. Concrete is a durable surface but with a professional garage floor coating it can have even more longevity. Garage floor coatings (like epoxy coatings) add value to your home and make your garage easier to clean. Adding epoxy flooring to your garage is a great way to increase the usability and value of your home. A concrete coating adds living space to your home that is durable, easy to maintain and beautiful.

Longevity- Longevity is a very common reason to have your garage flooring coating. Epoxy and polyurea are both popular garage floor coating types that add great durability to your floor. These coatings do not peel, chip or show signs of wear even with hot equipment, tires and falling tools. The durability of your concrete is increased significantly with epoxy. The best part about a garage floor coating is that it can be applied to older concrete to give it a facelift and increase its lifespan. 

Maintenance- Maintenance is another popular reason to have your garage floor coated. Professional garage floor coatings resist staining, moisture and chipping. ALl you will need to clean your floor is a mop or a hose. These coatings are non-porous so they won’t absorb oils or other materials that get spilled on your floor. These floor coatings also make your concrete dust free which helps to cut down on tracked in dust in your home and reduces how frequently your garage will need to be cleaned. 

Usability- A coated concrete floor makes your space much more workable. When your garage is pretty and bright it will be more inviting. Many people find that their garage feels more like an extension of their home when they add epoxy. A home gym in the garage also benefits from concrete coatings. Many people find that their garage turns into a great living space with a finished floor. If you are looking for more room to host friends or a play area for your kids an epoxy floor in your garage may be the ticket.

Concrete coatings also look great. You will love how finished and polished your garage or workshop looks with a professional coating. Adding a concrete coating to your garage is not just about looks but the increased useability, ease of maintenance and durability make it worthwhile.     Concrete coatings come in a variety of different colors and flake options which allow you to choose the perfect color combination for your home. 

Homeimprovement stores often sell DIY versions of professional epoxy kits. These kits do not offer the same quality as a professionally applied epoxy or polyurea. The usability, ease of maintenance, and durability that comes with a professional level epoxy job is not the same as a DIY project. Many DIY kits are low quality and do not increase the durability and lifespan of a concrete floor. If you are looking to get the highest quality you will want to entrust your concrete coatings project to the professionals.