3 Trends in Interior Home Painting

From time to time, you’ll need to repaint your house to keep it looking fresh and new. Repainting the interior of your home serves two purposes. It revitalizes the inside and allows you to make the inside match a new design scheme. It also allows you to repair some kind of damage that occurs to the paint. Over time, oil, dirt, dust, and sunlight can damage the paint. That means that you need to paint from time to time. However, you might not know exactly how you want to paint your home. Here are a few trends in interior painting that might be an inspiration to you.

1 – Black

Black is incredibly trendy these days. You might think that having black walls in a room will make the room dark and morose but it doesn’t as long as you have furniture and other items to offset. So, you might not want to paint a largely empty room black. However, if you have paintings, light colored furniture,and lightly colored decorations, black could look very good. Black serves as a brilliant backdrop for just about any color you can think of. You will basically turn your walls into a canvas.

2 – Green

Green has grown in popularity recent as well. It’s part of a general push towards more off-kilter colors. In the past, these colors were considered too dramatic for walls, and neutrals were encouraged. Now people are finding that they want to be excited by their walls. To do that, they’re choosing shades of green that might have previously been off-limits. If you want to jump on the green trend but don’t want to commit too much, you could choose a pastel green or a light green. They might be a little more dramatic than a typical off-white but not so dramatic that it stands out.

3 – Metallic Shades

Metallic colors are not necessarily colors that are shiny. Instead, they’re colors such as steel gray, gunmetal, and blue steel. They are available in all of the standard finishes of paint from matte to glossy. If you want a more unique neutral color, a steel gray with a matte finish will be a very muted wall color that doesn’t stand out too much. It will be unique but won’t call too much attention to itself. If you actually want your walls to look more like metal, you can choose a metallic color in a high gloss.

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