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5 Ways to increase your Resale Value with Paint

House painting is a huge undertaking, but it is a great way to improve your home’s resale value. When listing your home for sale people are hoping to get top dollar. New paint may be just what your home needs to improve its curb appeal and get buyers in the door. There are a lot of factors to considering including the right paint colors, techniques and who you should hire.

1- Look at the color choices that are available and look for a neutrally appealing color scheme. If you are painting for the sole purpose of reselling, you will want to stick to a neutral color scheme both inside and out. If you are painting for your own enjoyment, then you may want to add additional colors inside your home to give the home a more custom feel. When painting your child’s room, a fun color is a great way to make their room feel special. These colors may not increase your resale value but will increase your enjoyment value.

2- Consider how colors make people feel. Some colors are known for being calming while others may make people feel anxious. Blue is known to make people feel tranquil and optimistic while red is a color for energy and excitement. These color choices can help create the warm feel you are hoping to create in your home. If you wonder if this method really works, you may want to consider the color choices in fast food restaurants, they are bright and colorful to encourage people to eat and leave and not get too cozy in their booths!

3- Lighting is also important. When you select your house paint colors you will want to consider them in the right lighting to really capture the way the color will look in your home. The paint colors you choose may look different on sunny days versus cloudy days.

4- Choose the proper paint types. Depending on the room of your house, you will want to choose a different sheen level. Bathrooms and kitchens are ideal places for glossier paints which allows them to withstand the moisture that is often present in those rooms. Paints that are washable or can be scrubbed are also important especially if you have children or pets.

5- Choose options that you love and will fit your décor. If you are planning to live in the space, you will want the paint to fit your personality and be visually appealing to you. Staged or well decorated homes sell for more than undecorated homes.

By considering all these options you will find the perfect color for your home and lifestyle. A painter can help guide you to the best sheen choices for your home, great color matches and other options that you may want to consider for your paint makeover. If this task sounds too great for you, you’re not alone. Many people choose to hire a professional painting company for just this reason!

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