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Idaho Log Cabin Restoration: Restoring the Beauty of the Past

large log home freshly restored on the lake

Nestled among the rugged landscapes of Idaho, log homes stand as silent witnesses to a bygone era, echoing tales of pioneers and homesteaders who carved their dreams into the heart of the wilderness. These historical structures bear not only the weight of time but also the stories of generations past. As the years pass, the […]

Timeless Colors for Interior Painting

Roe Painting Stills

Interior painting can make or break the look and feel of a home or office. While bold and bright colors may be appealing, they can quickly go out of style, leaving the space looking dated. On the other hand, timeless colors are always in style, providing a sophisticated and stylish look that never goes out […]

The Benefits of Commercial Painting Services in Boise Idaho

ceiling black

When it comes to your commercial building, the interior and exterior paint job should be a top priority. A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference when it comes to making a good first impression with customers and clients. If you’re looking for commercial painting services in Boise, Idaho, there are several benefits […]

Painting Over Old Paint

Roe Paint professional applying final touches to a residential painting job

When repainting an older home you may find that you are painting over a lot of old paint. Old paint presents a series of different challenges ranging from adhesion to lead. Painting over old paint is a common problem in historic homes as well. Historic homes have so much character but can come with their […]

Six Great Neutral Colors

Machine mixing yellow paint

If you are getting ready to list your home for sale and need to paint your home neutral colors are a great option. Neutral colors help to include all potential buyers and don’t turn off any buyers because of their personal preferences. Most real estate agents also recommend removing personal photos, religious mementos, and unique […]

Commercial Paint Colors

Roe Painting worker lifting white pale of paint

When choosing a color for your commercial building you may be tempted to just choose a color that you like, while this is an option you may want to tap into color psychology. Color psychology is the study of how different colors impact mood and human behavior. It’s no accident that McDonalds and other fast […]

Painting your Ceiling A Unique Color

Grey colored warehouse ceiling

Surprisingly ceilings are a great place to add a pop of color. Most people have never seen a ceiling painted a color other than white but it really is a great space to add some style. Consider your ceiling as the room’s fifth wall and use it as another surface to tie your space together […]

Guidelines for choosing commercial paint colors

Professionally painted building with bright lighting and modern decoration

When choosing a paint color for the exterior of a commercial building there are a lot of factors to consider. Paint is the first line of defense for a building’s exterior but it also helps a building be visually appealing. Commercial buildings have to weigh these two features to create an appealing space that is […]

Benefits of Staining Outdoor Decking

Big modern-look wood house

If you have a wood deck you may be wondering what options are best for maintaining it. Staining is the ideal way to protect and transform your wood decking. Stain can be used on all sorts of outdoor materials including railings, stairs, enclosed porches and more. Staining helps to protect your wood and extends the […]

Choosing exterior paint colors, tips and tricks from a professional

Two ladies discussing a project

You may have color schemes and shades you like but when it comes to exterior paint you need to consider many factors that do not affect interior paint. Choosing the right paint color for your exterior paint project is a big project but we have expert knowledge that can help simplify this process. The color […]