Industrial Epoxy Flooring

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Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial epoxy flooring is one of the most popular industrial flooring types and for good reason. Epoxy is ideal for industrial spaces because it is resilient, durable and non porous. Medical facilities, garages, warehouses and labs are all places where industrial epoxy flooring is commonly used and loved. Epoxy can hold up to extreme use and withstand heavy equipment life, forklifts and vehicles. 

Chemical Resistance

Industrial epoxy is popular because it can withstand chemical spills which are more common in these sorts of applications. Antifreeze, gas, and a variety of other chemicals can easily be wiped up and wont mar the epoxy. Epoxy won't stain and is unlikely to be damaged by common chemicals. Some industrial chemicals may be potent enough to cause damage to epoxy so neutralizing them is vital to the integrity of your floor. If you allow highly corrosive chemicals to stay on your floor it may damage the coating and affect both the appearance and the performance. After neutralizing the chemicals you will want to wash away any remnants

Dirt and Debris

Industrial epoxy coating is easy to maintain and protect. Our Boise customers love that  their floor requires sweeping and mopping but nothing beyond that. We advise our customers to keep the floor swept to cut down on the grit on the floor. Grit can wear into your epoxy finish and cause premature aging, especially if you are using heavy machinery on the floor. Industrial epoxy is designed to resist abrasion but overtime it will wear, keeping it clean swept can help you get the most life out of your coating. 

Protecting your floor

Depending on how you are using your floor there are some additional care steps you may need to take. Welding mats are advised for spaces that will use welders. Plywood can be used on heavy loads to take some strain off the floor. Walk off mats at door ways can cut down on debris on the floor. During Boise winters you will want to squeegee water off of your industrial epoxy floor if you are driving into your space or people are walking in with wet shoes. Overall the floor doesn't need much protection but these steps can help extend your floor's lifespan.

How to Clean your floor

Cleaning your epoxy doesn't take any special care. The floor should be mopped bi monthly to keep the floor from building up residue or grease. Avoid vinegar, citric acid and soap based cleaners. Citrus and vinegar can degloss the floor and soap based cleaners may leave a hazy residue. Soap cleaners can also make the floor slippery. The ideal mopping solution is a gallon of hot water mixed with 2-3 oz of ammonia, applying the solution with a microfiber mop. Rust stains can form on your epoxy and a soft deck brush or soft scrub pad are great ways to remove them. 

Industrial Applications

Industrial epoxy concrete coatings are seamless making them incredibly durable and able to stand up to industrial levels of wear and tear. The versatility of epoxy means it can work in almost any industrial setting. The anti-slip nature of epoxy allows you to use this in a variety of spaces and can improve your safety standards for your company. Roe Paint can even add safety lines or zones to your industrial epoxy to show walking areas, forklift zones, or mask off areas that have moving parts to keep employees safe. Industrial kitchens are also a common place you will see epoxy. The durability, easy cleaning and non slip coating make it an ideal flooring type for this use. Additionally since the floor is not porous it can resist smells, mold and mildew. 

Epoxy has additional benefits including a clean look, adding light reflectivity and a variety of color choices. We are confident that we have a color scheme that will fit your needs. The light reflectivity is a great way to make a dim warehouse brighter and easier to navigate, some customers even report lower energy bills due to decreased need for lighting. 

Industrial concrete coatings are a great way to add functionality to existing concrete. Over time concrete can wear and become less ideal for industrial use but epoxy is designed to last. Overall epoxy is just a great flooring type and can be used in almost any business space.

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