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Warehouse Epoxy Coatings

Warehouse epoxy floors are a great way to protect your floor with a durable and industrial strength concrete floor. Epoxy can withstand forklifts, heavy equipment and other vehicular traffic.  Many businesses in Boise have moved to epoxy flooring for the warehouses because it is easy to maintain and clean, looks great and helps with slip-resistance. Epoxy is durable and can withstand oil spills, grease and heavy use by machinery. 


Untreated or unsealed concrete flooring is not waterproof and can have lots of imperfections like cracking, pitting and more, epoxy is a great way to seal and protect concrete. Warehouse epoxy flooring can cover imperfection on your concrete, making a smooth and safe walking surface. Epoxy is also a great surface for forklifts, carts and other warehouse tools. Safety improvements go beyond smoother walking areas, fire resistance and impact resistance are also safety improvements. Busy warehouses also find that adding different epoxy colors to different zones improves safety as well. Adding work zones, cross traffic zones and other zones gives employees visual cues to remember to look for forklifts, moving parts and more. Concrete dusting is also prevented with epoxy which helps to prevent concrete breakdown and unsafe conditions.

Visual Appeal

Many customers comment on how bright the epoxy makes their warehouse feel. The sheen of the epoxy coating reflects the warehouse lighting making the floor brighter and visibility improved. Warehouse managers often find they need less lighting when the floor is coating in epoxy, reducing energy costs.  Warehouse epoxy comes in a variety of color combinations, gray being the most popular. Some of the lighter colors show scuffs and dirt more easily, requiring more mopping and sweeping to keep it looking good. Gray is bright enough to add light to your space but still hides dirt and scuffs. Epoxy really adds a lot of style and visual appeal to a regular concrete floor. Warehouses look much more vibrant and better maintained with epoxy coatings. Ask to see our fun BSU epoxy color combo for a fun Boise take on epoxy flooring. 


Epoxy does require proper application to provide the best finished product. The preparation is very important to ensure a safe and smooth surface. Our team will grind down highspots, fill cracks and pits and abrade the entire floor for proper adhesion. The preparation process sets the stage for the epoxy coating and without smooth concrete the epoxy will be uneven and unsafe. We understand that the finished product is only as good as the preparation and do our due diligence to ensure your floor is as close to perfect as possible. 


Maintaining your epoxy is easy but will be a vital step to ensuring the longevity of your warehouse flooring. Sweeping, mopping and removing chemical spills are really the only maintenance you need to work about. Epoxy is non-porous, resistant to staining and smooth meaning you can easily wipe away spills, dirt and other debris. Concrete can harbor bacteria but with epoxy there are no pores for the bacteria to hide in. Antimicrobial mopping solutions may be recommended in certain applications and for specific warehouse needs but not all. Daily maintenance is nothing more than sweeping the floor. 


Epoxy is such a popular choice because of how durable it is. It can withstand very heavy foot traffic, warehouse equipment traffic and more without showing wear and tear. It won't chip and peel from impacts, it can withstand vehicle traffic and wont erode from most chemicals. Industrial or warehouse epoxy flooring is ideal because it is chemical resistant and you wont need to repair the floor regularly. Some chemicals can damage epoxy but those sorts of chemicals have to be handled with great care and the warehouse will have neutralizers to deal with spills. 

Warehouse love epoxy flooring for a variety of reasons but the ease of application is one of the top reasons. It can be applied quickly, reducing the interruption of your business operations. The reduce maintenance and degrading of the concrete flooring means that you wont need to interrupt business operations for maintenance either. All in all epoxy warehouse flooring just makes sense. 

Roe paint works in all areas of the Treasure Valley, including Boise, applying flawless epoxy warehouse coatings to new and old warehouse. Our customers are always amazed by how beautiful their warehouse looks our project is complete. 

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