Winter is the Best Time for Interior Painting

Winter may not seem like the ideal time for home improvement but it is truly the most ideal time to have the interior of your home painted. Interior painting is not dependent on the weather so even when it is snowing and cold outside you can improve your home on the inside. Winter has many…

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Hot Interior Painting Trends For 2021

Hot interior paint trends for 2021

Every year when wintertime rolls around, interior designers delight in predicting hot trends coming up for the next year. Some trends we saw come into style in 2020 aren’t going away; they will stay and have the new ones join them. These are colors like blush and white. But what will the trends look like…

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Now is the Time For Interior Painting Projects

There are several reasons to start on your interior painting projects now. By updating your interior paint, you will enjoy fresh, clean walls. If the painting is done properly, it can make your interior look brand new, even if your home is old. During the process of applying new paint, the first step is to…

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