Commercial Paint Colors

When choosing a color for your commercial building you may be tempted to just choose a color that you like, while this is an option you may want to tap into color psychology. Color psychology is the study of how different colors impact mood and human behavior. It’s no accident that McDonalds and other fast food restaurants all use bright bold colors, these colors influence your behavior and can impact your behavior inside these restaurants. We will go over some basic color options and how they may impact your customers. 

Blue is a great workplace color. Blue has a reputation for creating trust and also promotes efficiency. Workplaces are often painted blue to create a more productive feeling and to encourage staff to efficiently work through their daily tasks. Blue is also a calming color for many people. Doctor’s offices often use blue because it creates a calming environment for patients. 

Red is a great color for energizing people. Red is considered a color of passion and often creates strong feelings and emotions for people. Red can make people feel hungry, competitive, and increases feelings of urgency. Red can make a space feel intense and unsettled which means it’s not the ideal color for a dentist or doctor’s office but may be great for a restaurant or store. Too much red may feel overwhelming so many people choose to use it as an accent color rather than painting the entire space red. 

Pink is a very femanine color and can create a warm and inviting environment for women. Pink is great for clothing stores especially those that cater to girls. Pink is also a great option for beauty salons.

Purple is the color of royalty and also elicits feelings of fantasy. Purple is commonly used in high end boutiques and can create a regal feel. Game shops, book stores and card shops may also utilize purple to create a fantasy and imaginative mood. 

Gray is a great neutral color and can mix well with other colors. Most bright or bold colors look great beside a neutral gray. Gray is a great option for making a space feel serene and calm. Many people find that gray feels professional and classy and is also the perfect base color for more bold designs. 

Green is a great color if you are looking for an earthy feel. Green is associated with sustainability, stability and fertility. Many brands that are focused on health, nature or reusability utilize green. Green can also make people feel balanced and revitalized. Green is commonly seen in juice bars, fertility clinics and places designed for children. 

Yellow is a bright option and makes people feel happy and cheerful.Yellow can make people feel agreeable and excited which makes it a great color for retail shops, especially artsy retail shops. Jewelry stores, fashion stores and art galleries often utilize yellow to get the creative juices flowing and to put people in a buying mood. Yellow is also a great option for designers who are wanting to stimulate creative feelings. 

Orange is another mood boosting color. Orange is a good reception area color because of the mood boosting elements. Orange also works well to create positive feelings and can be good for conference rooms and other collaborative spaces. 

White is associated with purity and cleanliness. White can make a space feel sterile and cold as well so it’s often avoided for dentists’ offices and doctors offices. White is great in spas and bridal shops. White walls can be paired with other colors in retail spaces to soften the contrast and warm up the walls some. 

Black is a color of strength and can create a feeling of mystery and intrigue. Black is popular in bars, restaurants and even gyms. Black walls can really set the mood for a bar and help create the vibe. Black can quickly overwhelm a space so lighting and other elements need to be taken into consideration. 

When painting a commercial space there are times when color is important for safety. Red curbs and edges can warn against danger while yellow can highlight areas you need to use caution. This sort of painting is not done to evoke a certain feeling but instead done to protect your customers and employees from danger.

Roe paint can help with commercial painting of all sorts. Paint is a great way to create the right mood for your space. When it comes to commercial painting projects a professional is a great resource for getting the job done quickly so your team can get back to work.