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Durable Pool Deck Epoxy Coatings

If you are looking for a durable pool deck Roe Paint has a great solution for you. Our epoxy pool deck concrete coatings are the perfect addition to existing pool decks and new builds. The durable pool deck coatings are great for creating a slip resistant surface that can withstand the Idaho weather and moisture from your pool. Pool decks are exposed to the elements all year long and with our coatings they will remain beautiful for years to come. While our coatings are beautiful it’s also important to note that these coatings add a level of safety to your pool deck that is equally important.

Our coatings are a great way to add value and design to your pool deck. Both indoor and outdoor pool decks can have epoxy coatings. Our special epoxy coating is able to handle all the elements you can throw at it including high temperatures, snow and ice, heavy use and pool chemicals. Indoor pool deck coatings can withstand the humidity created by the indoor pool. 

Durability of Pool Deck Coatings

One of the biggest advantages of a concrete coating over additional concrete, concrete stamping or colored concrete is the durability. Epoxy coatings are hassle free, require little maintenance and are very strong. The coating creates an impermeable layer that can be cleaned easily and effectively. The coating is chip and flake resistant and can also withstand impacts without damage. Pool deck coatings are great for commercial pools because they can be cleaned with just water but stay skid resistant even when wet. Many HOAs in Boise have turned to epoxy pool decks to reduce slipping and make for a safer swimming environment. 

Design Elements with Pool Deck Concrete Coatings

Beyond the practical application of epoxy, the design factors are a big draw. Pool deck coatings can be customized with different colors, chips and even metallic coatings. The coating can be as bold or as unnoticeable as you want it to be. The coating does not have to look like a garage floor, it can be just an epoxy coating that matches the color of your concrete. 

Additional Benefits 

Pool decks can show signs of wear after just a few seasons because of the harsh elements they must endure. In Boise your pool deck will be exposed to both extreme heat and extreme cold.  Concrete coating can be a stabilizer for your pool deck that reduces maintenance, prevents fading, prevents staining and can help stabilize the surface. Concrete coatings are ideal for around pool decks because they are impermeable and can stop mold growth and fill cracks. Mildew and mold have nowhere to grow when the concrete is sealed. Pool deck epoxy is UV stable and will not fade or yellow over time.


It takes only a day for our team to apply your new coating so you won’t miss out on time in your pool. The process takes one day with overnight dry times, you can be on your beautiful new pool deck the next day. The process is relatively simple and will not cause a huge disruption in your home. Preparing the concrete does come with its share or dust and noise but then we move on to quieter less invasive steps.

All in the all, concrete pool deck coatings are a beautiful and functional option. We love the way they look, the benefits and the durability. Our Boise customers have nothing but great things to say about their epoxy pool decks and love the easy maintenance. 

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