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Eagle Garage Floor Epoxy & Concrete Coatings

We don't often think about maintaining and caring for our garage floors but overtime you have likely seen the wear and tear they take and the stains it can create. The constant use of the garage can leave it covered in stains, pits, scratches and tire marks. Concrete cracks and discolors over time but with epoxy coating you can preserve the look of your garage. Epoxy garage coatings are not just about looks, they are a great way to preserve your garage floor. 

Epoxy coatings give your floor a nice industrial look that is seamless and clean. Epoxy is a great option in the garage because it is resistant to chemicals and can withstand heavy use from cars and foot traffic. When choosing an epoxy you will be able to select the color that works best for your decor, some people use a quiet combo of flakes and pigments that isn't noticeable while others go bold and bright. Roe Paint has even done an epoxy floor in orange and blue for big BSU fans. Tinting the base of the epoxy can be customized to fit your home and then you will be able to select the paint chips that you want for additional color. Epoxy cures into a resilient hard surface that is textured to make it anti-slip. 

Garage floors can be dustry because they are unsealed and untreated concrete. Epoxy will cut down on the amount of dust entering your home because it seals the concrete and traps in the dust. Many homeowners choose epoxy because it is so much cleaner and also easy to clean. When buying a new construction home in Boise you may be surprised how much dust is coming off your concrete because it has not had time to wear and polish from regular use.

The Application process

Our process has been streamlined to give you the best finished product with the lowest impact on your home life. When we come to do our free estimate we will show you the epoxy and chip options so you can choose the best color combo for your home. We will arrive on the scheduled project date, prepare the floor by grinding the floor to remove any old coating, cracks, blemishes and other issues. We then fill cracks and make sure the floor is ready for application. Grinding the concrete is vital for proper adhesion.We then apply the epoxy primer coat, add the flakes and the top coat. The preparation is the most important and time consuming part of this project. We complete the process in just 1 day.

Resists Stains and Damage

One of the strongest flooring systems you can add to your garage is epoxy. Epoxy is impermeable and can withstand harsh chemicals, moisture, gas or oil spills, and will not stain. Many mechanics and hobbyists enjoy epoxy floors because it makes cleaning up so easy. Epoxy is also designed to withstand scratching, burns and impact so you don't have to worry about dropping tools, car tire tracks or your lawn tools damaging the floor. Epoxy is great at withstanding wear and tear without showing signs of its age. 


One of the best things about epoxy is how easy it is to maintain. Oil and gas stains are a thing of the past. The seamless surface is nearly impossible to mar. The floor is easy to clean as well just needed water to rinse away spills, no pressure washing or scrubbing required. When you pull in during the winters in Boise you may notice that you bring in a lot of ice, dirt and salt, mopping or sweeping this out of the garage is a good idea. Some customers choose to mop their epoxy regularly while others just sweep and mop as needed.

Life Expectancy

Epoxy has a great life expectancy when professionally installed. DIY epoxy typically only last a few years because they do not sell as high quality of products to homeowners. A professionally installed epoxy will last between 10 and 20 years. Sweeping and mopping can help to extend the life of your floor by protecting the top coat from abrasion. The quality of the epoxy coating makes a huge difference in life expectancy. The other main factor in longevity of your epoxy is proper application. 

Epoxy garage floors are as beautiful as they are functional. The team at Roe Paint is experienced in epoxy application in garages but also a variety of other spaces like shops, patios and more. Epoxy is a great way to improve your work spaces and we know you will love your epoxy floors. 

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