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Patio Epoxy & Concrete Coatings

Did you know we can transform your outdoor space with a patio concrete coating? Patio concrete coatings are an amazing way to transform your worn concrete into a stunning new patio. Resurfacing your patio with epoxy is a great way to revitalize your outdoor space without a big project and huge bill. Our team works alongside our customers to find a solution for your patio that works for both your budget and your style. Our epoxy options are limitless and there is a color combination that works for everyone. We can also utilize different techniques to create different textures that make your patio work for your needs. 

Clear Epoxy

If you have special colored concrete that you want to preserve, we have a great solution for you. We can apply a clear epoxy boating to the top of your concrete to create a preserved, polished look without changing the color you have already chosen for your space. Clear epoxy coatings are a great way to protect any concrete but not change its coloring or appearance. The process requires the same preparation as other epoxy coatings which includes grinding the surface to ensure proper adhesion. If you have a patterned concrete or stamped concrete the clear coating may not be the right option for you. 

Protection and Durability

Epoxy patio coatings are a great way to protect your patio. Patio concrete coatings are a durable solution to resurfacing concrete and can extend the life of your patio. In addition to durability these coatings make the concrete much easier to clean. Concrete is porous but epoxy is not so it does not require pressure washing to remove dirt from the surface. In Boise we see a wide variety of temperatures and weather, epoxy can withstand the swings in temperature and additional moisture we see in the winter. The ice is no match for epoxy either. Concrete coatings are chemical resistant and your patio can stand up to ice melt and salt that may damage traditional concrete. Epoxy is very strong and will not peel, chip or flake. 

Repairing Existing Concrete

Coating your concrete is a great way to repair existing concrete. Our team will repair cracks, pits, blemishes and other imperfections before the application process. The preparation process is vital to ensuring your epoxy looks good and lasts. If your concrete is worn and showing signs of age adding epoxy is a great way to give it a new lease on life. It's amazing how much better your yard will look with a fresh patio. 

Slip Resistance

We get a lot of calls asking if we can fix concrete patios that are too slippery. Overtime concrete gets polished and smooth and can lead to it being very slippery. Patio concrete coatings are a great way to add slip resistance to a patio. Epoxy coatings are non slip, making them ideal for patios and pool decks. While you may have the image in your head of epoxy being only the stuff you see on garage floors with multicolored flakes there are a lot of other styles available that are much more understated. In Boise we see a lot of moisture and epoxy can be a great way to keep your sidewalks safe in wet months. 


When you think about fixing up your patio you probably think about things like new furniture, adding an awning or maybe a new BBQ. Our customers are always amazed by how much better their patio looks when we add an epoxy coating to it. It revitalized the concrete, looks like a brand new patio and can really tie in the colors of your home and space. Most concrete patios are a dull gray that doesn't match the home, adding a concrete coating allows you to add color and style to your boring concrete. There is a color of epoxy that works for every style, we can custom blend flakes to better suit your needs as well. 

If you are considering outdoor epoxy coatings we are here to help. Roe Paint knows the ends and outs of epoxy and would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about using epoxy on your patio. 

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