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Guidelines for choosing commercial paint colors

When choosing a paint color for the exterior of a commercial building there are a lot of factors to consider. Paint is the first line of defense for a building’s exterior but it also helps a building be visually appealing. Commercial buildings have to weigh these two features to create an appealing space that is water tight and protected from the elements. 

The exterior paint of a building can impact the attractiveness to customers. A fresh, clean coat of paint can go a long way and help signal to customers that you care about your business. The colors of the paint can also help build your brand recognition or set the mood for your business. Owners even report that a clean work environment, perhaps with a fresh coat of paint, helps their employees be more productive. The color choice can truly be part of your marketing strategy and can be a big decision. We will outline 5 factors to consider to help you choose the perfect paint color for your building. 

First, consider your brand colors. If you have colors that you have incorporated into your branding you may want to incorporate them into your painting. Branding includes business cards, logos, signage and website colors. Continuing the same color scheme across your different marketing materials and into your physical space can really establish your brand identity. Utilizing these colors on your building’s exterior is a great way to help people identify your brand and building easily. 

Second, use color to make a first impression. The colors of your building should continue your brand identity but also grab customers’ attention. The industry you are in will likely affect your color scheme but a creative space like a nail or hair salon may find they can create a buzz using bright colors. Some commercial spaces even set out to paint their space to be instagram worthy. Color can set the mode- a bridal salon can set a romantic vibe with crisp white, soft pinks or other romantic colors, a restaurant may set a fun vibe by using bold colors or create a more sultry feel with dark shades. The color choices you use can make the first impression memorable. 

Third, consider the functionality of the space and how paint will affect this. Exterior and interior paint can be exposed to a great deal of dust and grime. Depending on traffic levels in the area you may find your paint is coating in dust and grime quickly. Color choices should consider this factor to ensure they don’t fade or look dirty too fast. Lighting is another big factor to consider that can impact how your paint looks. When painting the interior of a large work space you may need to break up the large space with colors to create the illusion of different spaces. Paint can be a great way to define a space without walls. 

Fourth, don’t forget that paint colors can impact mood and productivity. Color has a huge impact on how we feel in a space and there are certain colors that can impact creativity, sleepiness and even hunger. Depending on what sort of commercial space you have you may want to consider the psychological effects of paint colors to help keep customers happy, employees motivated and moods lifted. 

Finally, consider the location you are painting. The color scheme of the exterior of your building may be influenced by the architectural style, the surrounding buildings and even the landscaping. Some commercial buildings may have restrictions on the colors they can use based on city code. If your building doesn’t have color restrictions the sky’s the limit but you will want to determine if you are looking to fit in or stand out. 

Paint has the ability to transform a space, impact moods and define spaces. Choosing commercial paint colors is a big decision but the project is even bigger. Roe Paint is able to handle your commercial painting project no matter how big or small. Roe Paint has the tools and knowhow to get your project done quickly and beautifully. Call today to set up a meeting to discuss your upcoming commercial painting project. 

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