How Much Does it Cost to Paint the Exterior of Your Home?

There is a lot that goes into painting the exterior of your home that can affect the total cost.  Things like the current condition of the surfaces, how much prep time will be needed, are you changing colors, do you want a full coat of primer and two coats of premium quality paint or are you just looking for a freshen up job to get your house ready to sell?  Do you want the highest quality, most expensive paint available, or are you OK with a good quality paint at a fair price?  Do you have any issues like Wax Bleed on wood sided homes that will take extra labor and materials to correct?  If you have a stucco home, are there lots of cracks that need to be addressed?  Do you have sheds, outbuildings, fencing or patio covers that you also want painted?

Even though every house will have its own issues, the exterior painting process is pretty similar from house to house.  It starts with pressure washing to remove dirt and debris, scraping and sanding to remove loose paint, caulking splits, gaps and cracks to keep moisture from intruding, priming raw or repaired areas and then finish painting.

While we can’t give exact prices without visiting your home, inspecting the surfaces and measuring the entire house, we can offer you a range of what you might end up paying for a typical exterior repaint.  If you would like an exact price, down to the penny, please click on the Request a Quote button and fill out the form and will we contact you to set up an appointment.  To get you started, here is a basic pricing guide of what you might end up paying: