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Every year it gets harder to find good industrial painters in Meridian. Luckily, Roe Paint is here! You need a contractor who understands the importance of good quality coating services and delivering top notch results for every job they undertake. Roe Paint provides the best painting and coating services in Meridian and are likely just what you need. All you have to do is give us a call to to setup your initial consultation visit.

The Right Team in Meridian for Your Industrial Paint Project

The industrial team at Roe Paint works in several different industrial areas. We have professional estimators who are knowledgeable of your needs and requirements. The development of the scope of work and customized specifications remains a collaborative endeavor between Roe Painting and your company.

Our team of industrial painters knows how to set up and prep a site by using drop cloths and other protective measures. Preparation and application of paints and coatings on metal, concrete, another substrates is something that we take very seriously. All our jobs get the highest quality materials.

We strive to arrive on time, prepared, and ready to get down to business. Our technicians calculate square footage, sample paint colors, and roll out drywall. Excellence is what we believe in, and we deliver it on every job at every site we take on.

All of our professional technicians are OSHA certified and MSHA certified so they are able to work in your factory. Our industrial coatings department offers a wide variety of services. We are highly experienced in everything from sandblasting and rust repairs to applying a new coating system. We can help stop corrosion from damaging your site and the equipment in it. Plus, we can coat every surface that you work with so there will not be a need for multiple contractors on your site.

Types of Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings are a type of paint that are applied to various surfaces. It is meant to be aesthetically pleasing but more importantly functional. There are many types of industrial coatings, such as resins, xylene, and others. We often use industrial coatings to boost fire resistance and protect concrete or steel from corrosion.

Metallic, inorganic, and organic are three types of coatings we use. Electroplating, anodizing, and diffusion coating are all types of metal types. If you're looking for inorganic coating, then we can do porcelain. 

Why Choose Roe Paint in Meridian

Roe Paint has a proven track record of success while working in industrial settings. We know our safety, we are MSHA and OSHA certified, and we use only the latest techniques and equipment on your site. We are dedicated to excellence. When the time comes for you to protect your heavy industrial site and the equipment in it, give Roe Paint a call!

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