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Meridian Concrete Polishing

People who have concrete floors want to make sure that they stay shiny, dust free, and looking good. If you're in Meridian and you have a concrete floor, then you are in luck. Roe Paint is here, and we know concrete! It's always important to do something to protect your concrete floor so that it doesn't get damaged as easily. This is where Roe Paint comes in. We offer a concrete polishing service that will keep your floor protected from those things that would threaten to damage it. Dust, spills, moisture damage, and debris stand no chance against our polishing process. When concrete is polished, it can be just as aesthetically pleasing as epoxy, without taking nearly as long as installing an epoxy floor. All the benefits of a polished concrete floor can be yours when you call Roe Paint. Business keeps on as normal when you work with us to get your concrete polished. Neither production nor work stops when we are applying our process. Call us now for a high gloss, high performance concrete floor polishing! 

Steps in Concrete Polishing and Polished Concrete

If you want to add a special touch to your facility in an eco-friendly way, then there are several steps we can follow to help get you there. Because of it's beautiful, high gloss shine, polished concrete can sometimes be mistaken for marble or other flooring materials. You may see a lower power bill when you don't have to provide as much light because of your shiny concrete floor. This is a great way to save money and energy. If you're working toward an L E E D (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified project, then give us a call and we can tear up your old carpet or tile and polish your concrete floor underneath and this will help in achieving that goal. With a polished concrete floor, all you need is a wet or dry mop to clean. There's less maintenance than there is with other flooring types. You don't need harsh chemicals or waxing or buffing machines to maintain your floor if it is polished concrete.

Why Concrete Polishing is a Good Choice in Meridian

When you consider whether or not a polished concrete floor is for you, then consider your options. Roe Paint teams are made up of experienced, knowledgeable, professional technicians that use only top notch supplies and tools to give beautiful results on every single job we undertake. But how do you know if concrete polishing is right for you? Well, in Meridian, polished concrete is a great choice if:

  • You have cold storage that presents a problem for curing a coating on your concrete floor
  • You cannot afford to shut down your business for proper installation and curing of a coating option
  • If you have a high moisture-vapor drive that would require expensive moisture mitigation to maintain a floor covering
  • If there are aspects to floor coding using epoxy or polyurea that would hinder their use and make it nearly impossible to do

Our professional technicians will do a stellar job at polishing your concrete floor. Give us a call if you're looking for easy to clean, shiny, amazing results. There are times when epoxy and polyurea options just won't cut it. Sometimes they're just not affordable, or feasible. If this is the case for you, then polished concrete might be exactly what you need. Roe Paint is available and waiting eagerly for your call. Our scheduling options are reliable and also flexible for your convenience. We are here for you, and we rely on our highest standard of professionalism, know how, experience, excellence, and equipment. Our desire is to provide to you a high quality, beautifully finished product every time, and our goal is to provide you with 100% customer satisfaction every time you hire us for a job.

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