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Meridian Tank Painting

It takes ongoing education and keeping up with the latest safety procedures and regulations to be a tank painting technician. Painting a tank is tricky business. A Meridian tank painting team must be able to execute a long list of procedures in order to do their job correctly. They must be able to incorporate the details in that list. The ability to work in small spaces is a must. A technician must also be able to work on scaffolding and maybe required to be qualified in lead abatement. To get the job done safely and correctly, all of this is required.

Why Paint Steel Tanks

Steel tanks are especially prone to corrosion, yet many industrialized companies use them as part of their daily operations. If you can see rest showing through the protective coating on a steel tank, that means the entire structure could be in danger. Working on a steel tank includes more than just washing the exterior. You also have to take into account welding and repairs.

Safety and Painting Tanks

There are several safety concerns to take into account when working on the interior of a tank. There's a whole new set of concerns when working and confined spaces. Poisonous fumes could be building up in the bottom of the tank, depending on what is stored in there. If there are poisonous seems building up at the bottom or near the bottom of the tank, then you absolutely need a "hole watcher". This is one single person who constantly keeps radio contact with the team inside and visual monitoring of the hole itself.

If there is a buildup of fumes happening, then the people inside must be able to spend time outside of the confined space so that they don't suffer any negative side effects. The confined space also needs to be tested under OSHA regulations and standards if it is to be worked in. Ventilation and fall protection are also two things that you need to take into consideration before going into the confined space to work. There are a lot of unknown variables because tanks vary in size and height. It is a good idea to discuss everything beforehand.

How Painting Tanks Protects Them From the Elements

Painting a tank means that you're protecting it from the elements and also from what's inside of it. You don't want to see rust anywhere on the structure, because that means that the entire thing could be compromised and is probably crumbling. When working on a tank, you really need to address welding and repairs of the rust first. Of course, it is crucial to choose the right contractor to do the job. You need somebody who is adept, experienced, qualified, and certified to work on your tank in order to have a safe and effective finished product.

Why Choose Roe Paint to Paint Your Meridian Tank

If you're looking to find a great contractor, look for one who has good reviews online. You want to be able to hear from previous customers and see what they think. You need stellar results, so when you're looking online, look for reviews that emphasize the results of the jobs that other people have had done in a good way. A good contractor will have plenty of high tech equipment and machinery to use. When you found the contractor you want to hire, be sure to ask all your questions before the job starts, and of course, get an estimate before you hire the contractor.

At Roe Paint in Meridian, is our goal to leave you 100% satisfied with all of the work we do for you. We are experienced and knowledgeable in the area of painting tanks and we will get the job done for you with all the correct tools and equipment in our arsenal. We will paint your tank and leave you with amazing results. Give us a call today to discuss what you need to have done and what we can do for you!

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