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Whether we're talking commercial or residential, concrete coverings such as those found in parking garage floors are essential for enhancement of any concrete surface. At Roe Painting, we have over 23 years of combined experience with fast cure coatings and professional grade equipment. When it's time to cover up your concrete in a reliable, beautiful seal, look no further than Roe Painting.

When a Good Time is to Apply Polyurea Concrete Floor Coatings

When you notice water damage or cracking in your concrete, then it is probably time for a new coating. Or if your concrete is uncoated, then it is definitely time to consider one of two types of coatings. The two most common types of concrete covering are epoxy and polyurea. Both purposes are the same, but each has its own advantages and drawbacks.

Polyurea is a 2-Part Product!

Polyurea and epoxy are both made up of two parts. A resin is mixed with a catalyst, and this causes a caring reaction that makes the material hard. Because polyurea is made up of mostly solids, it is four times stronger than epoxy and yet 98% more flexible as well. Polyurea is also 100% UV stable and can be applied outdoors where it is exposed to the Sun. As an added bonus, polyurea won't get hot with exposure to the Sun so you are able to walk around barefoot if you want to on these surfaces. If you want to install epoxy covering, you may need to wait until spring or some of the warmer months as it cannot be installed and temperatures under them 55° f. In contrast, polyuria can be installed at temperatures as low as -30° f and as high as 140° f.

Here are some facts about epoxy & Polyurea:

  • Installation and cure time is between 6 and 8 days
  • Polyurea has low VOCs
  • Polyurea is decorative
  • Polyurea is super strong

Polyurea is a flexible, synthetic material used to seal concrete floors as well as other things, such as lining tanks and trucks. It quickly forms a strong bond with concrete providing a smooth and nearly impermeable seal. This protects your concrete from sunlight, chemicals, impact, water damage, and heat.

Why Polyurea vs epoxy Concrete Coatings

Polyurea Coatings are more durable than epoxy coatings. It's flexibility makes it able to move with the concrete as major weight loads change and temperature fluctuates. Because of this distinct advantage, polyurea is almost always more expensive than epoxy. Seamless epoxy coatings are great for metal, concrete, and floors that have already been sealed. A coding system is meant to not only provide protection for your concrete, but also aesthetic enhancement. Because epoxy is seamless and smooth, it is easy to clean and maintain. An epoxy coating is also dense and has low porosity.

Epoxies are available in all different types of colors and they also come in water soluble types and 100% solid types, as well as traditional solvent-based coatings. If you are applying epoxy to a service and it will receive exposure to harsh chemicals, then you may need a corrosion control system as well.

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