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There are a lot of home improvement projects that homeowners can do themselves in order to save money – however, applying epoxy flooring is not one of them. Our professionals are highly trained in being able to create the perfect balance between chemicals for an epoxy floor with years of experience doing so. A DIYer has a high chance of wrongly mixing or using the incorrect amount of a chemical to throw off the entire flooring simply because they lack the experience and know-how. When a professional applies a coating of epoxy, they understand exactly what issues to look for as well as how to fix them. On the other hand, a DIYer will easily miss chips, air bubbles, and unlevel surfaces, resulting in a subpar finish.

Professional epoxies can often cure faster than home kits, along with the added benefit of not needing to worry about the picky process yourself. Installing epoxy is no easy, quick job – even for the epoxy experts! With that being said, by using a professional company you know you will not have to deal with any of the mess that would come from doing it on your own. All of these benefits combined with the savings you will obtain in the long run make using us an easy choice for your epoxy floor! We take pride in being able to keep our customers’ floorings beautiful and long-lasting every day.

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Epoxy Flooring Projects

Epoxy Flooring Solutions for Boise

Epoxy floors can be customized for almost any situation because of its wide-reaching flexibility as a flooring option. What we see most common, however, are flake, mortar, self-leveling, terrazzo, anti-static, and graveled epoxy. Because they each have their own benefits that might apply to your situation, it is important to do the right research – or let us do it for you when you hire us!

Flake epoxy is created by including flakes of multicolored pieces on top of the setting epoxy in order to provide a stunning and unique color splash – it is most often used industrially but can be used in a residential setting as well. Mortar epoxy is used almost solely in commercial applications because it is the strongest option out of them all and is able to repair cracking of the original base. Self-leveling epoxy works just as the name suggests and is one of the easiest to use in terms of application. For a seamless result across any type of application, self-leveling epoxy is often a great choice. Terrazzo epoxy, on the other hand, is typically used for a decorative result in hallways and entryways. Anti-static epoxy is another commercial-grade finish that tends to be used in industries that require a static-free flooring where electronics or flammables might be stored. Last but not least, a graveled epoxy is by far the most customizable option available – businesses often use this type to place logos underneath, custom paintings, and more because of its flexibility

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Why Epoxy as a Flooring Option

The bond between the chemicals used in epoxy is known as being the strongest resin able to be created. Because of that, epoxy makes an extremely durable flooring, able to withstand a lot of wear and tear, are heat resistant, and will not shrink or expand like other floorings. Epoxy floorings are able to be used in a wide range of applications, spanning both residential and commercial. This type of flooring can hold up under heavy weights, is easy to clean, and can be cheaper than other options available. The finish often brightens rooms as it shines and is resistant to water and stains. Epoxy floors can be used almost anywhere when applied by a professional.

On the residential side, homeowners often choose epoxy flooring because of its variety of styles to choose from. With a flexibility on how the finished product will look, it has a great appeal for those wanting outside-the-box designs and finishes. For those looking for a commercial application, epoxy flooring can also include anti-slip additives to ensure employees are safe when working on it. Epoxy floors also require very little maintenance through the life of the flooring and provide a seamless surface to walk on throughout its use.

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Is Epoxy Good for Garage Flooring?

One of the myths we often hear that keeps people from wanting to get epoxy floors is that it is expensive. In reality, epoxy garage floors can actually be a fairly inexpensive option in comparison to others on the market (while lasting up to twenty years with professional application). Epoxy floors are easy to maintain and can cover up defects your concrete might already have. The look and style of the floor is completely up to you – epoxy floors are highly customizable, and people often add paint flakes, quartz pieces, glitter, and more to create a totally unique design. Special additives can also be included in the epoxy for extra applications. Because of this, the epoxy floor can be made to blend into the garage or be a standout piece to attract attention of any visitors.

As an extremely durable flooring, homeowners and car businesses never need to worry about their epoxy floors succumbing to regular wear and tear. Heavy weights and high-traffic areas are easily resisted by epoxy as well. Water and chemicals are not an issue for epoxy floors either, as they do not break down because of them. For anyone looking for a long-lasting flooring option to protect their concrete, epoxy coatings are a great choice. With the right application by an expert, epoxy floors are often a source of pride for homeowners while appealing to potential buyers down the road.

Why a professional for my epoxy flooring project?

Completing your garage epoxy on your own does have its advantages – it will probably be cheaper to buy the materials at first, you will get to design it yourself, and you might get some satisfaction in knowing you were able to do it on your own. However, applying your garage floor epoxy by yourself has some major disadvantages as well. For one, the longevity of your flooring is extremely reduced when using a home kit because it does not use the same strength of chemicals as a professional would use. A DIYer will probably make mistakes, miss air bubbles, and use improper tools, resulting in a less than perfect result. Proper epoxy floors take multiple layers and without a well-prepared base of concrete, the entire project could be derailed.

Without years of experience, you simply will not know all the options you have in order to fully customize the epoxy. When using a DIY home kit, your choices are severely limited, and you may end up using the wrong type for your garage floor. As a professional company, we are more than knowledgeable on the additives and chemicals you may need to make your flooring last as long as possible. Whereas you may need to take multiple trips to the store in order to grab more supplies and tools, our expert team already has all the required equipment and can accurately quote you on how much the entire project will cost – from start to finish (no surprises here!). When you are ready to hire a professional epoxy garage floor installer, give us a call for a free estimate!

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