Does my ceiling need to be painted& what Color is Best for Ceilings?

While we don’t notice our ceiling all the often it does may a big difference in the look and feel of the room. The ceiling is one of the biggest surfaces in the room and if it is dingy or the wrong color it can have a big impact.

Ceilings are often a simple color and really go unnoticed but a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling can really transform the room. The texture of the ceiling is a big factor in the painting process. Popcorn texture is messy to remove but really changes the way the ceiling looks. A Professional can come in and remove the popcorn quickly and help contain the mess. Ceiling stains should also be address. The stains can be caused by water and your fresh paint will soon be damaged in the leak isn’t addressed.

The color of paint you use for the ceiling is a big decision. Some homeowners prefer a more modern take on painting and opt for a more unique color while others want the ceiling to stay neutral.

Painting the ceiling the same color as the walls is one of the options. It doesn’t work well with bright or colorful paints for pale blues, light grays, whites and beiges can be beautiful on walls and ceilings alike. The contrast between the ceiling and walls is removed and it allows for other features in your home to stand out more. This look looks nice with crown molding.

Next you may want to paint the ceiling and walls the same color but have the ceiling paint a few shades lighter or darker than the wall. Most paint companies can add a different color saturation to the paint to lighten or darken the color. If you have tall or vaulted ceilings darken the shade can make the room feel warmer and homes with lower ceilings can feel more airy or open but lightening the ceiling color.

You may also choose to paint the ceiling an entirely different color. If you have neutral walls you may want to add a fun accent to the ceiling. Greys are popular, crisp whites are classic and some homeowners have even added black ceilings for a modern twist. The color of the ceiling can tie into the accents of the room to create a cohesive and stylish look.

Painting the ceiling is a lot of work and a professional can be a big time saver. A professional can also create crisp lines, even paint and less mess than a DIY project.

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