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At Roe Painting, we understand the unique appeal and charm of your log home, whether it’s a primary residence or a seasonal getaway. But you know that maintaining that appeal and charm requires a specialized skill set; it’s not something you can trust to just any painting company.

We have a dedicated log home restoration team that’s deeply familiar with the latest surface preparation, finishing, and chinking techniques. You can count on the best products too, like Sashco log stains, that are designed to preserve your home’s natural beauty while providing long-lasting protection.

From routine care to full restoration, we can help every step of the way.



Over time, water and sun exposure will dull the appearance of your log home, especially here in the Cascade, McCall, Boise, and Sun Valley areas where the seasons can be extreme.

Media blasting is the most effective way to remove failed stains and unsound, UV-damaged wood. Fine glass is the preferred media since it cuts clean and fast, sometimes followed by knockdown sanding as a second stage of surface preparation. Using orbital sanders, Osborn


Knock Down



If you have an older log home, you might see evidence of previous rot, insects, or wood boring pests. A borate treatment could be the perfect solution. Once the logs are fully blasted and prepped, we mix insecticide with water and apply it directly to the clean, raw logs with a pump sprayer. Borate is deadly to insects, harmless to humans, and offers inexpensive insurance against future bug intrusion/damage before we apply the final finish. And as extra peace of mind, borate won’t impact the performance of any of the stain or chinking systems we use.



Chinking is the process of sealing unwanted gaps with a weather-resistant barrier that keeps your home cozy and protected. It’s much like caulking, only with one key difference that’s important to note. Properly installed chinking works like a rubber band, stretching and returning to its original state, while typical caulking functions more like silly putty, moving only one direction and unable to return to its original state. Since logs move and shift based on a variety of factors, it is important your sealant moves right along with them.  

What are the benefits of properly installed chinking?

  • Reduces drafts, lowering your heating and cooling costs
  • Protects against rot by eliminating water infiltration
  • Keeps pests out, like insects and bats


After all of the surface preparation is complete, you have selected and approved your color selection, we carefully protect all areas not to stain. Patios, decks, masonry, windows, metal roofs and flashings, and any other area not to receive stain are covered with plastic or drop cloths. We then move to apply the stain to refusal, and lovingly back brush into the logs. Depending on the stain system selected, we may apply two full coats of stain prior to applying the clear coat. All coatings are brushed into the logs for performance and durability. We recommend Sascho and PermaChink log stain systems for your home.

deck staining

Deck Sanding
and Refinishing

Decks, the one area of our homes that require the most attention year after year, and the one outside area we spend the majority of our time enjoying . Our deck sanding equipment will quickly remove stains and failed finishes from your deck surface. A mild acid wash to brighten the wood and then an application of an oil penetrating stain in the color of your choice with keep your deck looking good. For a year or two. Decks require regular maintenance and stain application to keep their luster and perform well. Most of our customers contract us to return every couple of years to refresh the deck coatings.


Annual Inspection
and Maintenance

Once your log home has been restored, maintenance is important to keep it looking its best and fully protected. Let’s set up a consistent, recurring plan - maintenance is much more cost-effective than a full restoration.

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