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Interior painting in commercial spaces is a vital part of building upkeep. A freshly painted space makes for happier tenants and can be great for return on investment. Interior painting for commercial spaces shares a lot of similarities with residential interior painting but there are some core differences. Commercial interior painting often has higher ceilings and different materials and timelines for project completion is often different. 

The Commercial Interior Painting Process

The process for an interior painting project takes about 7 steps from first contact to completion. Roe paint starts every project with a consultation where the space is assessed and the clients wishes are noted for the project. After this first meeting a quote is prepared that outlines all the different elements that will be included. Once the quote is approved by the landlord or tenant we will prepare the property. Depending on the type of property we may need to create access paths to ensure carpet stays clean or bring in special equipment for high ceiling access. Then we will prepare any surface we are going to be painting and protect any surface that will not be painted. Preparing the surface entails patching of holes, sanding of any uneven or damaged spots and cleaning surfaces for proper adhesion. One the preparations are finished it's finally time to paint. After painting comes the clean up and then finally the walk through. This process goes quickly once the quote has been accepted but understanding all that goes into a painting project helps tenants and landlords understand the costs associated with the project. 

Why Hire a Professional

A professional painter may cost more than a handyman or DIY project but for good reason. When hiring a professional painter you are getting higher quality materials, craftsmanship and proper preparation. Painting is an art form and when an interior is painted properly you can really tell the difference. When painting door ways, trim work and other more intricate areas of a building professional skills make a big impact. Roe Paint is also able to stick to strict timelines, stay on budget and get new tenants into vacant spaces without delays. A professional painter also comes with licensing and bonding that you aren't likely to find from novices. 


The interior of a commercial space needs repainting every 3-5 years. This timeline ensures proper maintenance and helps the space look good. Paint likely will still look good at the 5 year mark but you are getting into the delayed maintenance category. Touch ups and repaints help to ensure the quality of your commercial space. Many landlords find that repainting on a 3-5 year schedule also helps them find other issues that need to be addressed like leaks, drywall damage or other maintenance concerns. 

The Roe Paint Difference

Roe Paint offers high quality paint services for all sorts of commercial buildings and can help with interior paint on any type of commercial space, ranging from large warehouses to office buildings. We have worked on the interior of nearly every commercial space you can imagine providing top quality painting services. 

A Stress-free Painting Experience

  • Excellent customer service
  • Clearly defined price estimate
  • Clearly defined time estimate
  • Electronic contract, invoice and payment
  • Expert project management
  • Clear and consistent communication
  • Walk through at beginning and end of project

A Brush With Greatness

While other company’s might just see another job, we see a canvas, an opportunity to make an impact in our communities with what we do and who we are. Our mission is to bring joy to our customers through a stress free painting experience while providing excellent customer service from beginning to end. FInd out what you can expect on your guided painting journey with Roe Painting by watching this 1 minute video.

A Different Kind of Painter

  • Skilled & experienced
  • Trained on safety and application
  • Clean in application and appearance
  • Always uniformed
  • Tactful and polite
  • Drug tested
  • Background checked

Licensed, Insured, and Bonded

Using unlicensed or uninsured workers passing themselves off as “contractors” can leave you as a homeowner liable for injured workers or end up with damages that are not covered. Even some contractors carry only the minimum required insurance and pay their workers “under the table.”

Roe Painting is fully licensed in all cities, states, and counties we operate in. We carry worker’s compensation insurance on all of our employees. We also carry full coverage liability insurance well above the legal requirements and industry standards, and we are bonded. These are standards we’ve upheld for 20 years and are in line with our core values of honesty and accountability.

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