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If you are dreaming of a brighter interior or a show stopper accent wall Roe Paint would love to be your trust painter for all of your interior painting projects. No matter what color makes your heart sing, Roe Paint can tackle your painting project. High Quality interior painting can truly transform a room. Roe Paint offers full service interior painting for residential customers. 

The Interior Painting Process

When working with Roe Paint you get a full service experience for your interior projects. We start with our free consultation. During this process we discuss the extent of the project and what you are looking for. Some of these consultations are short and just cover the basics but others are complex and we go over a lot of different ideas and solutions. We want our quote to be as detailed and complete as possible so there are no surprises. After our meeting we send a detailed quote for all the services you have requested. Once you approve the quote we can start with color selections and consultation. Roe Paint is here to help and can work with you on color selection to ensure your vision is carried out. We will also go over sheen options. When we arrive to complete your project we start with protecting your surfaces. The areas that are not getting painted are covered and protected. We start the painting process with prep work. Sanding, patching and preparing the surface for paint. Next, paint is applied. Finally the area is cleaned up and we do a final walk-through with our customers to ensure they are happy with the project. 

Our interior painting process is through and for good reason. We know that happy customers are educated and informed. We want you to feel like you understand each step as we go and are never caught off guard by the process. We also know that happy customers make for return customers so we strive for 100% satisfaction

Why Hire a Professional?

Many customers ask us why they should hire a professional painter over a handyman or a DIY project. While it may seem simple, painting does require know-how and expertise. When considering how many homes are built these days, ceiling heights often require special equipment. Homeowners can handle small projects but 20 foot ceilings can be outside of most DIYers depths. Painting walls can go poorly and craftsmanship is a factor but trim and doors are where professional painters are really set apart. A smooth coat of paint on a door is hard to come by and a professional is worth their weight in gold on these types of projects.

The Roe Paint Difference

When it comes to interior painting not all contractors are made equal. Proper training, tools and attention to detail set Roe Paint apart from the rest. A professionally painted home can transform the way your space looks and feels.  

A Stress-free Painting Experience

  • Excellent customer service
  • Clearly defined price estimate
  • Clearly defined time estimate
  • Electronic contract, invoice and payment
  • Expert project management
  • Clear and consistent communication
  • Walk through at beginning and end of project

A Brush With Greatness

While other company’s might just see another job, we see a canvas, an opportunity to make an impact in our communities with what we do and who we are. Our mission is to bring joy to our customers through a stress free painting experience while providing excellent customer service from beginning to end. FInd out what you can expect on your guided painting journey with Roe Painting by watching this 1 minute video.

A Different Kind of Painter

  • Skilled & experienced
  • Trained on safety and application
  • Clean in application and appearance
  • Always uniformed
  • Tactful and polite
  • Drug tested
  • Background checked

Licensed, Insured, and Bonded

Using unlicensed or uninsured workers passing themselves off as “contractors” can leave you as a homeowner liable for injured workers or end up with damages that are not covered. Even some contractors carry only the minimum required insurance and pay their workers “under the table.”

Roe Painting is fully licensed in all cities, states, and counties we operate in. We carry worker’s compensation insurance on all of our employees. We also carry full coverage liability insurance well above the legal requirements and industry standards, and we are bonded. These are standards we’ve upheld for 23 years and are in line with our core values of honesty and accountability.

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