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Three Circles - Quality, Price, Speed

Is Roe Painting the Contractor for You?

In the construction service industry, customers typically are concerned about getting three main things from their contractors: Quality, Speed & Low Price.  While contractors would love to be able to offer all three of them at the same time, it is impossible to do so.  Unfortunately, you only get to choose two of those three for your project.

Want a quality job (high craftsmanship, high quality materials, high level of service, high character people) and you want it done quickly (a crew of workers that can accomplish a lot of work in a short amount of time), then it’s going to cost you more to hire a company that can provide those things for you.

Want a quality job, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then it’s going to take longer to get the job done.  This contractor is a one man show that doesn’t have employees and the costs that come with them.  That person is typically a great craftsman and can produce excellent work.  Unfortunately, you will have to endure a longer timeframe to get the work completed since you will only have one person working on your project.

Want your project completed quickly and you don’t want to pay a lot, then you will end up with a lower quality job.  The lower quality is a result of less time spent properly preparing the surfaces, less time spent applying the paint properly and precisely and the use lower quality materials that don’t cost as much.  If you are not concerned about the quality and you want it done quickly, you will probably save some money.

Roe Painting proudly offers quality work, completed quickly, with great service, by quality people using high quality paint.  If this is what you are looking for, and understand the costs that come with it, we would love to help you get your painting or coating project completed. Just click on the Request a Quote button, fill out the form and we will contact you to set up an appointment.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Your Home?


Don't just repaint, Roe Paint!

As a home owner we know it can be difficult to have people working on (and especially in) your home. But you can have a stress-free painting experience. For over 23 years Roe Painting has been repainting residential homes with distinct characteristics and in a variety of environments. We can help you and your home as well!

From the first phone call you’ll receive excellent customer service while we gather your information. Next an experienced estimator will come to your home to listen to what’s important to you during your project. You’ll receive a detailed estimate of both the cost and timeframe for your project. From contract to payments, everything is electronic.

On the day your project begins a Crew Leader will go over the details of your repaint to ensure everything you expect is addressed in our work order. Then, it’s time to paint!

You can relax knowing that our team of painters have all passed background checks and undergo regular drug testing. Roe Painting hires career minded individuals and pays top industry wages to ensure an industry low turnover rate. This allows us to heavily invest in our training program which includes safety, technical application, product knowledge and personal growth.

Using top quality, professional grade equipment gives our customers the added benefit of efficiency in each project. And our Crew Leader’s product knowledge training enables them to select the right paint for the right job and is always top quality! Upon completion of your painting project our Crew Leader will schedule a walkthrough with you to ensure all work has exceeded industry standards and your expectations.

Roe Painting provides a stress free experience while helping you discover your unique painting needs so we can transform your house into the view you love coming home to.

"I wanted to let you know how happy we are with the work done by Roe Painting.  The workers that came out were great!  They cleaned up at the end of each day and were so pleasant to work with. They did a really good job!"


A Stress-free Painting Experience

  • Excellent customer service
  • Clearly defined price estimate
  • Clearly defined time estimate
  • Electronic contract, invoice and payment
  • Expert project management
  • Clear and consistent communication
  • Walk through at beginning and end of project

A Brush With Greatness

While other company’s might just see another job, we see a canvas, an opportunity to make an impact in our communities with what we do and who we are. Our mission is to bring joy to our customers through a stress free painting experience while providing excellent customer service from beginning to end. FInd out what you can expect on your guided painting journey with Roe Painting by watching this 1 minute video.

A Different Kind of Painter

  • Skilled & experienced
  • Trained on safety and application
  • Clean in application and appearance
  • Always uniformed
  • Tactful and polite
  • Drug tested
  • Background checked

Licensed, Insured, and Bonded

Using unlicensed or uninsured workers passing themselves off as “contractors” can leave you as a homeowner liable for injured workers or end up with damages that are not covered. Even some contractors carry only the minimum required insurance and pay their workers “under the table.”

Roe Painting is fully licensed in all cities, states, and counties we operate in. We carry worker’s compensation insurance on all of our employees. We also carry full coverage liability insurance well above the legal requirements and industry standards, and we are bonded. These are standards we’ve upheld for 23 years and are in line with our core values of honesty and accountability.

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