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Fence staining is a great option for freshening up an existing fence but is also an important part of protecting a new fence. Staining serves as a protective surface on wood fences and helps to stop them from warping and aging. Fence staining is one of the residential services Roe Paint offers and is a great way to protect the investment you have made in a wooden fence.

Protecting Your Fence

Stain serves as a damage resistant barrier on your wooden fence. Stain helps to keep moisture out of the wood which can cause it to rot, splinter and split. In the Idaho winters if moisture is in the wood it can cause the wood to warp. Stain also helps to protect your fence from UV damage which will make the wood wear and fade. The color of the wood is better preserved over time when the wood is stained. Staining is a great way to protect your fence and extend its lifespan. Roe Painting has a variety of different stain options available for staining fences, including solid color stains which give you more color options than traditional transparent stains.

gray fences

Gray Fences

Staining is an option to help freshen up a worn, gray fence. Not every fence can be saved but many gray aged fences can be revitalized with stain. Roe Painting is happy to inspect your existing fence to see if we can give it a new lease on life. Our crews use a variety of different stain types that can help camouflage the aged outer wood on your fence. A solid based stain is a great way to protect your fence from further damage while freshening up its appearance. Solid colored stains are a great option for any aged wood like a fence or deck. Our full service fence staining includes the preparation which includes pressure washing and cleaning the fence to prepare for staining, this process can be extensive on older fences.

Fence Maintenance

Staining your fence should be a part of your regular home maintenance. Fences need to be stained about every 3 years to keep the seal coat intact. Roe Painting offers maintenance services for fence staining and can take all the work of the project off your plate. When staining a fence that’s previously been stained there is some sanding required to prep the surface to accept new stains. Roe Painting has the tools to make sanding the fence a quick chore versus hand sanding.

The Roe Paint Difference

Roe Paint is a great resource to have when it comes to home maintenance. Fence staining is a huge undertaking especially if the task has been neglected. Roe Paint can freshen up older fences and give them a new lease on life and protect the investment you have made in a brand new fence. It is remarkable how great a fence can look with a fresh coat of stain.

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