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Roe Painting goes beyond just painting and is also able to assist with drywall repair and installation. Our crews can do drywall projects ranging from a small repair to a large installation. Offering drywall repair and installation is part of being a full service painting contractor and allows us to better serve our customers in their interior residential painting needs.

Infographic guiding on repairing drywall as a part of painting preparation

Repairing Drywall

Drywall is easy to damage and if you have kids in the house you likely have an area or two that needs to be repaired. Repairing holes can be a bit complicated depending on the size of the hole. Wooden braces may be needed to support a new section of drywall that is being applied. Mesh pashes are also an option for some holes. Once the new drywall is put into place you need to mud and sand the drywall into place to create a seamless look, texture and paint are then applied. Cracks can appear on the drywall when the house settles. These cracks need to be willed with spackle, mud or joint compound and then mech tape can be applied to sure up the joint. The mud is then sanded smooth and texture and paint are applied. Nail and screw holes can be easily filled with patch and often doesn’t require a professional. Many DIYer are sure they can handle a simple drywall repair but the aid of a professional like Roe Paint can take a fix from good enough to seamless.

Installing New Drywall

The process for installing new drywall is relatively straightforward. The process starts with the removal of existing drywall, you may need to cut the drywall out to find how it is attached and unscrew it. Then the new drywall piece is cut to size and mounted. Screws are typically used to hold the drywall to the studs. The seams are taped and mudded with a joint compound. Multiple coats of compound are applied to create smooth seamless coating, sanding between applications. After the mud and taping texture is applied to the drywall and the new drywall can be primed and painted. While the process is straightforward it can be a challenge to get the application down smoothly without lots of practice. A professional crew like Roe Painting can knock out drywall installation quickly and with much less disruption to your daily life than a DIY project.

The Roe Paint Difference

When it comes to interior painting not all contractors are made equal. Proper training, tools and attention to detail set Roe Painting apart from the rest. A professionally painted home can transform the way your space looks and feels.

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