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If you live in an older home you may be concerned about lead paint. Roe Painting offers lead remediation services and can help with your lead abatement project. Roe Painting can help remove the lead based paint and restore your property. Lead paint is dangerous and should be dealt with accordingly, a professional’s help is vital to proper remediation.

Informational image on the dangers of lead in painted surfaces

Dangers of Lead Paint

Lead is a toxic metal and when ingested can cause different health problems, lead is especially dangerous for children. When the body absorbs lead it can cause vital organs, nerves and the blood to become damaged. It can cause behavioral issues, learning disabilities and seizure. Symptoms of exposure include – headaches, stomachaches, lethargy, irritability and nausea. Children may be asymptomatic with exposure to lead.

Can I paint over lead Paint?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, it’s best to deal with the issue. Painting over lead paint can mask the issue but it doesn’t make the paint any less dangerous. While encapsulant paint can prevent dust and paint chips from being an issue it doesn’t protect you from the toxin if the paint is drilled or cut into. Encapsulant paint may be a temporary solution but is not a final solution.

Abatement Options

When considering how you want to deal with lead remediation in your residential space you will want to consider what option is best for you. Some people choose the enclosure method which means covering the old surface entirely. Adding new drywall and coverings to the space to create a totally sealed off surface is one option. This option can be temporary so you will want to consider if this is the best solution for your household. Roe Painting offers remediation or removal surfaces where we use special tools, PPE and filtration systems to completely remove the lead paint. This process requires specialty tools like wet sander, electric sanders with HEPA filters, wire brushes and chemical paint removers. Heat guns can also be used to help strip the paint. Roe Painting has safety standards in place to ensure this process is done properly with the health of the household and employees in mind.


After lead paint is removed the house will need some restoration. Roe Painting offers restorative services in combination with lead paint removal to bring your space back to its former glory. The lead abatement process can be destructive especially if large areas of the home contained lead paint. Lead remediation may be about the safety of the home but why not turn it into something great with restoration. Lead paint is commonly found on window sills and trim work, this may be a great time to add beautiful wood window sills or change the trim color. Making the best of the lead abatement process can turn a nightmare project into a beautiful remodel

The Roe Paint Difference

Roe Painting is not just a lead remediation company which means they can handle both the remediation and restoration. Removing lead paint may seem scary but with experts like Roe Painting the process is smooth, safe and yields beautiful finished results.

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