Custom Metallic Epoxy Floor in Elko, Nevada

Recently we had the opportunity help a local Dentist with redesigning the interior of his offices.  The paint colors were not only out dated, the work itself had been performed about ten years prior to our remodel.  The offices were definitely due for freshening up.

The current trends are clean, simple colors.  Whites and grays are what people are looking to for a new look.  Often we are painting over the brown & taupe earth tones that were so popular a decade ago.

For this office we painted all of the trim bright white in a semi-gloss sheen.  This involved painting over old, yellow, oak doors & jambs.  For the walls the client selected a color we are using a lot of lately, Behr’s Natural Gray.  We even freshened up the acoustic drop ceiling with a coat of bright white in a flat sheen.

That brings us to the flooring.  The old flooring was vinyl and it had lasted about as long as can be expected for vinyl.  It was starting to split and could’ve eventually created a tripping hazard.  What lies beneath was the question.

Once we stripped the old vinyl we discovered it had been laid over an earlier vinyl flooring.  After stripping both layers we began the process of removing all of the old flooring and adhesives.  Once we had a bare floor we could begin the concrete prep process which consists of grinding the floor.  This is much like sanding an old piece of wood before applying finish.

When all of the prep work was done, we were ready to coat the floor.  We applied 3 different coats of 3 different epoxies to create the metallic blue grey look the client was going for.  When the project was finished it looked like a new office.

The advantage of metallic epoxy floors is that you can keep a simple, clean look on your walls (like gray in this case) and get the depth for the room from the floor.  These coatings work great in an office, restaurant or even in your basement.  Often they are a much less expensive alternative to tile or hardwood and they provide a durable, seamless finish.

When selecting a contractor for your metallic epoxy floor, experience matters.  This is a process that requires the right, professional grade tools and many years of experience working with the products to ensure a finish that you can enjoy for a lifetime.