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Painting your Ceiling A Unique Color

Grey colored warehouse ceiling

Surprisingly ceilings are a great place to add a pop of color. Most people have never seen a ceiling painted a color other than white but it really is a great space to add some style. Consider your ceiling as the room’s fifth wall and use it as another surface to tie your space together and create excitement and style. There are lots of options to consider when painting your ceiling, we will outline some fun options that can turn your ceiling into the focal point for your room. 


It has become a trend to paint walls and trim the same color and you can extend this trend to your ceiling. Creating a full monochromatic look is a great way to make your room look more interesting and extend the wall through the ceiling making the room feel taller. When considering this option you will want to follow some guidelines to ensure the room looks great rather than cave like. In a large room you can choose either a dark or light color and create a seamless look with the walls, ceiling, and trim all in the same color. A monochromatic paint scheme is not for everyone; it really is a creative and fun look. This style really adds a sense of space to the room because there are no harsh shifts in color. Many design magazines feature the monochromatic look. Small rooms are a little trickier. Painting a dark color on all five walls can make the room feel smaller but can create a cozy intimate feel. Lighter colors will make a small room feel larger. Powderooms can look very chic with the monochromatic paint scheme. Blurring the wall and ceiling lines in a small room can be a great way to set the tone for the room. If you have an unusual ceiling like an angled ceiling you will find that painting the room all one hue makes the space feel more defined. An angled ceiling can be less noticeable with this paint method. Painting very tall ceilings the same paint color as the wall can make them feel more cozy. If you are trying to highlight your unique ceiling you should avoid the monochromatic paint scheme. 

A Lighter Shade

Another option is to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls in a lighter shade. This technique keeps the ceiling from feeling lower while still adding fun style to the room. Ideally the wall paint would be 2-3 shades darker than the ceiling. If you are using a darker paint color this method helps to soften the line between ceiling and walls and eliminates the sharp contrast between dark walls and white ceiling. 

A Darker Shade

Another great option is to paint your ceiling a darker color than the walls. This paint scheme is most ideal in homes with high ceilings that need a little help to feel cozy. The darker ceiling paint will bring the ceiling height down a little in your mind and cozy up the space. Don’t go with a very dark ceiling and white walls. Instead you will want to follow a similar rule to the light ceiling and choose a shade 3-4 shades darker than the walls for the ceiling. If you are looking to make a statement in a study or library a very dark ceiling might be just the thing. 

Painting ceilings isn’t easy and requires a lot of techniquest that may be out of the DIYers grasp.. Professionals are a key part of a project like this because they have the tools to paint the ceiling without breaking their necks. Prepping the space is half the job and requires tall ladders and other equipment to get crisp lines. Professionals can also advise you on paint sheens to make your painting project look great. Roe Paint can help with ceiling painting projects as well as any other residential or commercial painting project. Roe Paint would love to meet with you for a free in home estimate on your painting project, no matter how big or small. 


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