Maintenance Contracts: The Value of Having a Maintenance Plan

Property managers, homeowners and landlords have a lot of responsibilities and projects to keep on top of. Maintenance contracts are a great way to take care of some of your responsibilities without needing to schedule and find subcontractors. A maintenance plan for painting is a great option to keep yearly maintenance done around your property including touch ups and repairs. Maintenance contracts are an easy way to keep on top of care for your property and keep costs low. When the exterior of a building is well maintained, expensive repairs can often be avoided.

Maintenance Painting Contracts for Commercial Facilities

Maintenance plans are a great option for commercial properties because they withstand more wear and tear and need to look presentable. Common spaces like lobbies, hallways and conference rooms can get scuffs and marks on the walls easily and a yearly paint touch up can make a huge difference for these spaces. We often see conference room walls covered in scuffs from rolling chairs hitting the walls. Commercial painters have the proper equipment to get the job done quickly and keep business going as usual. Commercial buildings can be very tall and painting the eaves of a multi store building requires specialized equipment. Reliable painters can have very busy schedules and utilizing their maintenance contract can help you get on the schedule before other customers. Using a maintenance contract for your painting will keep your property looking beautiful year round and keep the sun and rain from wearing away wood and other materials. Additionally consistent maintenance helps you stay ahead of problems and keep your repairs within budget. This predictable upkeep process can’t help cut down on the need for exterior repairs caused by surface breakdown. Interior painting and touch ups also help with breakdown.

Homeowners Benefit from Regular Painting too!

Homeowners find that keeping their home paint touched up helps their home feel cleaner and fresher. The exterior looks bright and fresh, cobwebs are cleared away and damage is cared for. Interior corners and walls are given a fresh coat when needed to play any chips and scuffs. This helps the home look new and cared for. We can patch nail holes from art that you have moved, touch up and damage to the paint and give the walls a fresh coat when needed. The exterior needs care the same way a commercial building does and the drastic changes in weather in Idaho and Nevada ranging from bitter cold to blazing hot can wreak havoc on your eaves and trim.

What is included in a Maintenance Contract? What is included in a maintenance plan depends on your contractor. Most plans can be customized to meet the customers needs. Roe Painting creates custom plans that meet your budget, needs and goals. In general our maintenance plan includes interior painting of specific areas; especially common spaces in a commercial setting, pressure washing, exterior paint touch up, caulking, mildew removal, wood rot repairs, paint color tracking, and more. Commercial buildings may have additional features like garage doors and parking structure paint as well. Homeowners love having corners of their baseboards repainted where they may show wear from shoes, vacuum cords and more. It’s amazing how quickly baseboards need a fresh coat with normal use of a home.

Ask Your Local Commercial Painting Pro about a Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Contracts are a great option to keep your building well maintained with less effort. Having a standing appointment for painting helps reduce the time spent scheduling these services. When a project is scheduled on a regular basis, it’s much less likely to be delayed and delaying proper upkeep can have unintended consequences.

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