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Over time the rain, dust and snow can leave a layer of filth on your building, sidewalks and more. Pressure washing is a great resource to remove build up from your commercial property. Pressure washing is a great way to freshen up your space and can give your building a face lift Pressure washing is also an important maintenance method to keep your building functional and clean. Professional pressure washing goes above and beyond what a homeowner can do with a Home Depot pressure washer; higher PSI, cleaning agents and hot water can create a much better finished product. 

Freshening up Spaces

Pressure washing is a great way to freshen up your space. The exterior of commercial buildings is often neglected over time and can grow a layer of grime that needs to be removed for the building to shine again. The grime on the outside of buildings is a combination of smog, dust, dirt, and chemicals that collects and turns the beautiful outside of a building dingy and dull. Pressure washing isn't just for the building itself but is also a great way to freshen up the grounds. Sidewalks, parking lots and courtyards are all places that can benefit from a pressure washing. Interiors of buildings with drains and epoxy coatings can be pressure washed for cleanliness as well. 


Pressure washing isn't just about cleanliness, it's also about safety and maintenance. Cleaning sidewalks, interiors and buildings can be part of keeping them safe and functioning properly. If continents are not removed they can cause mold, rust and other harmful things to take hold of the building causing damage. Parking lots often need to be pressure washed to remove oil and other contaminants that can be dangerous and slippery. Cleaning the exterior of the building can be part of scheduled maintenance. Cleaning windows, paint, and removing chemicals that may cause damage to the structure is a great reason to pressure wash your commercial building as maintenance. Factories, labs and other similar interior spaces can benefit from pressure washing as a maintenance strategy. Pool decks are another common place the pressure washing is used to keep the surface safe and functional. 

Gum Removal

Pressure washing is a great way to remove gum that has built up around a commercial building like a school or shopping center. Professional level pressure washers can use hot water that blasts through oil, gum and other contaminants with ease. Gum is an eyesore, removing it increases curb appeal and overall beauty of a commercial space.

The Roe Paint Difference

Roe Paint is here to help with all your commercial painting and pressuring washing needs. We are a one stop shop for cleaning, painting and maintaining. We can help with pressure washing to prepare a building for fresh paint or offer it as a stand alone service. Pressure washing is a vital part of commercial maintenance and should be done routinely to keep a space safe and beautiful. 

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Using unlicensed or uninsured workers passing themselves off as “contractors” can leave you as a homeowner liable for injured workers or end up with damages that are not covered. Even some contractors carry only the minimum required insurance and pay their workers “under the table.”

Roe Painting is fully licensed in all cities, states, and counties we operate in. We carry worker’s compensation insurance on all of our employees. We also carry full coverage liability insurance well above the legal requirements and industry standards, and we are bonded. These are standards we’ve upheld for 20 years and are in line with our core values of honesty and accountability.

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