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Graffiti is anything that has been written or drawn onto a surface, including both spray paint, scratching, and other forms of drawing. Graffiti is often times vandalism and is some thing most business owners want removed immediately. Removing graffiti is important because it discourages further vandalism and crime and helps protect property values. Spray painting and graffiti style applications can be art but we are referring specifically to vandalism. 

Quick Removal 

The quick removal of graffiti is important for the business appearance and commercial property upkeep. Removing graffiti is not just a cosmetic issue, graffiti can make an area look neglected or abandoned which will drive away business and make people feel uneasy about your space. Graffiti removal and abatement requires more than just a paintbrush. Depending on the surface that has been vandalized you may need special tools to remove the graffiti. Rope paint can remove graffiti from brick, concrete, stucco, glass, painted metal, stainless steel and more. This removal process leaves behind no markings and reveals only a fresh clean painted surface. Fences, signage and vehicles can also be targets for graffiti.

Removal Process

The graffiti removal process combines pressuring washing to prepare the surface, priming and painting. Our full service graffiti removal services are a great asset to landlords, tenants and property owners alike. Discovering your property has been vandalized is an unsettling reality but Roe paint can’t make it right. Our graffiti removal services leave behind no mess or damage and return your space to its original state. Depending on the material that have been vandalized the project may take just a few short hours while some materials require more extensive work. Roe paint is happy to discuss timeline with you when assessing the damage, going over all necessary details about expectations and process during our on-site assessment as well. 

Paint Over

Graffiti removal via paint over is a fast easy option for some materials. A painted surface can oftentimes be repainted and the graffiti is simply hidden by the fresh coat of paint. Roe paint can match your existing paint to create a seamless look that doesn’t require extensive work and keeps costs low. Paint overs freshen up a space while removing the graffiti which may be a win win for your business. When graffiti is in a prominent space a paint over may be vital to keeping your business up and running. Some clients also use paintovers to buy them time to correct the problem when the graffiti removal may impact business flow. 

The Roe Paint Difference

Roe paint never stops at good enough, we work hard to always offer great finished products for all of our commercial clients. Painters often try to get away with cutting corners to save time and effort but Roe paint knows these cut corners eventually show. Putting the effort into preparing a surface for painting, utilizing the right materials and coatings for our work makes a huge difference in the longevity and overall look of our painting projects.

A Stress-free Graffiti Removal Experience

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Licensed, Insured, and Bonded

Using unlicensed or uninsured workers passing themselves off as “contractors” can leave you as a homeowner liable for injured workers or end up with damages that are not covered. Even some contractors carry only the minimum required insurance and pay their workers “under the table.”

Roe Painting is fully licensed in all cities, states, and counties we operate in. We carry worker’s compensation insurance on all of our employees. We also carry full coverage liability insurance well above the legal requirements and industry standards, and we are bonded. These are standards we’ve upheld for 20 years and are in line with our core values of honesty and accountability.

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