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Tank coating is another of the services Roe Painting offers to industrial clients. Coating the exteriors of silos and bulk storage tanks is a vital part of their upkeep. The coatings are designed to protect the tank from deterioration and corrosion. Storage tanks are a vital part of many industrial spaces, farms and municipalities and need to be cared for properly to ensure proper function.

Preparing Tanks for Coating

Because storage tanks and silos are outside they can require a lot of preparation to be ready for a fresh coating. Pressure washing may not be enough to get rid of old coatings, chemicals and other impurities and sandblasting may be needed. Our team will take all the necessary steps to ensure proper adhesion when the new coating is applied. We can fully contain the spray material when needed to protect your building, farm or the environment.

Interior Tank Linings

Roe Painting doesn’t just service the exterior of tanks and silos, we also offer interior lining services. The interior linings are a part of the structural integrity of your tank and we can help ensure longevity with proper care. When interior walls of storage tanks begin to deteriorate it can affect the structure of the building but it also affects the safety of the stored materials. Restoring the interior linings of these tanks can bring them back to their original state and keep materials from becoming contaminated. We work on storage tanks and silos in all sorts of industries including pulp and paper, chemical processing, food processing, oil or gas, utility, and much more.

Types of Interior Linings

The interior linings can be made of many different materials. We work with all sorts of linings including fiberglass reinforced linings, thin film and thick film. Some of the materials we work with include trowelable, flake glass, epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea and much more. Some of these materials are challenging to work with but Roe Painting has extensive experience and can help with even the most challenging project. We work in confined space environments regularly and know the safety standards and local laws to ensure we do the project properly. Safety is a top priority for our team and we always make sure to keep our employees safe.

The Roe Paint Difference

When it comes to tank coatings Roe Painting is a full service operation. We complete both interior and exterior coating and can handle all the prep work. Our team has the experience to use even the most temperamental coating materials. We know the importance of proper installation and maintenance to keep your tanks and silos operational and eliminate contamination and will help ensure your silos and tanks last years to come.

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