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Pressure washing is one of the many services Roe Painting offers for industrial clients and is a great way to clean up industrial buildings both inside and out. Our team provides truck washing, construction cleanup, heavy equipment washing, environmental oil cleanup and other pressure washing services. We also pair our pressure washing services with our maintenance services which allows us to touch up paint, freshed up safety yellow and clean the area all in one visit. Pressure washing may look easy but when done with too much pressure it can cause damage and should be left to professionals.

Floor Cleaning

Many industrial spaces have large concrete floors that take a lot of abuse. The grime and filth can build up over time and become hard to remove. Pressure washing is a great way to deep clean floors in a plant, warehouse or other industrial space. Pressure washing can get into the pores of the concrete and lift away years of neglect. Warehouses often have oily materials that can cause even more filth to accumulate. Removing these oily materials helps the floor stay cleaner and ensure the floor won’t become too slippery. Pressure washing the floor is a great idea as routine maintenance but is especially important between tenants if you are looking to make the space more desirable.

Exterior Pressure Washing

Beyond interior floor cleaning, pressure washing is a great option for exteriors of industrial buildings. Pressure washing can remove grime, dirt, mud, mold and even loose paint for the building’s exterior. This build up can cause the exterior to deteriorate and proper cleaning is a big part of routine maintenance. Pressure washing is effective and fast.

Exterior Roadway

Many industrial clients utilize pressure washing to keep driveways, sidewalks and roads clean. If you transport materials in and out of a plant you may find that you start to see build up of spilled material on the roads. Pressure washing is a great way to keep this clean and safe. Oily materials can make the road and sidewalks slippery and unsafe. Pressure washing makes quick work of these clean ups.

The Roe Paint Difference

Pressure washing is a great way to freshen up an industrial building, including both the exterior and interior. Roe Painting knows that these services are not just about aesthetics and are also about safety. We can help ensure surfaces are free of contaminants that make them slippery and unsafe and recommend remedies for further safety concerns when necessary. Pressure washing should be part of your routine maintenance plan for industrial buildings.

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With a focus on quality and innovation, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of urban infrastructures. From rejuvenating faded facades to safeguarding industrial equipment against corrosion, Roe Painting excels in providing effective and long-lasting coating applications. Our team of skilled professionals, advanced techniques, and commitment to sustainable practices make us a trusted choice for enhancing the durability, aesthetics, and functionality of surfaces within the cityscape.

Roe Painting is your complete industrial painting and coatings contractor. To inquire about additional services, contact our Industrial Services Division.

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