Hot Interior Painting Trends For 2021

Every year when wintertime rolls around, interior designers delight in predicting hot trends coming up for the next year. Some trends we saw come into style in 2020 aren’t going away; they will stay and have the new ones join them. These are colors like blush and white. But what will the trends look like in 2021? Well, the trends will not surprisingly be impacted by the last year of Coronavirus. The pandemic has put most of us on edge at home more and more and we want our home to be the place where we can relax and feel at ease. So here we go!

Along with calming hues, popping, bright colors are coming in 2021. This will add more cheerfulness to our lives. The brand Pantone has brought us not one but two trends for the upcoming year. This combination of a neutral grey and a beautiful yellow that is warm and uplifting and is capable of creating a new kind of story in your home. 

Many experts are pointing toward warm brown earth tones for 2021. There are a variety of tones of these browns out on the market to choose from. These colors will connect us back to nature and give us a sense of grounding, safety, and growth. These warm earth tones can be combined with a myriad of other complimentary colors. Be expressive in the choices you make and give yourself a new-found creative change. 

The brand Sherwin-Williams has presented us with four beautiful color palettes that we can look forward to seeing more of in 2021. These include colors such as “bold blues, muddy greens, muted reds, bright pinks, and warm whites”. It seems that many paint companies are weaving new stories for us with the colors they are putting out. We are all looking to get over this year and move on, and a new, exquisite paint job can help us do that. 

According to experts, blues inspired by the ocean are coming in 2021 along with forest greens. These seem to be teaming up with the warm earth tones mentioned earlier to bring us back to the things that became more important in our lives during the pandemic. We connected with nature again, rediscovered old hobbies, and found our real value. These colors reflect that and what a great opportunity we have in 2021 to use the colors to uplift ourselves and each other. 

Marie Flannigan, an award winning interior designer, says that jewel tones are coming back-how exciting! Ruby reds and sapphires along with more earthy shades like saffron and Cyprus are on their way to bring a new aesthetic and joy to your home interior. A lot of new yellows are appearing too, and they are generally soft. We have been using them to paint entire rooms with amazing neutrals and as accents to bolder colors such as aquatic blues. An ochre yellow can pair nicely with a more earthy tone as well.