Winter is the Best Time for Interior Painting

Winter may not seem like the ideal time for home improvement but it is truly the most ideal time to have the interior of your home painted. Interior painting is not dependent on the weather so even when it is snowing and cold outside you can improve your home on the inside. Winter has many advantages when it comes to painting.

Professional painters are likely to have much more availability during the winter. Painters work long hours during the summer when the weather is nice to get exteriors painted but have less of that sort of work during the winter. Spring, summer and fall are all very busy construction months. During the winter many painters find they have some gaps in their schedule because the variety of work they can do is more limited. Finding a high-quality painter to paint your home in the summer is not nearly as easy as it is in the winter. Many painters have a month-long waitlist during the summer but can squeeze you in the winter short of notice. If you are ready to get your painting done winter is a great time to schedule.

Many painters have special promotions during the winter because it is a slower season with more restrictions on what sort of products can be completed. In order to keep their schedule, many companies will offer some special deals to their customers. You may even find that some painters offer promotions during the summer that if you wait until the slow season they will offer a significant discount on your project. Booking in advance is a great way to save money with your construction painting projects.

Dry times are also better during the winter. This may seem counterintuitive because the temperatures are lower which many people believe will cause the paint to dry more slowly. In reality the cold dry air is great for helping the paint dry because it is lower in humidity. Less humidity in the air means a faster dry time. The paint drying quicker allows homeowners to get back to their home faster. Projects can be completed more quickly with faster drying time cutting down on how long you have a construction crew in your home. 

Winter is an ideal time for these sorts of projects because they get you a head start on spring cleaning. A fresh coat of paint can really brighten a space without much scrubbing. If you are looking to spruce your home up for spring a new paint job in the winter may be the perfect solution. Spring cleaning often means much more than just cleaning out closets or the garage, often we find it to be a great time to do some of our house to do list. Checking off a big item like interior painting before spring will set you on the right path to getting your home in tiptop shape.

All in all painting your home in the winter is an ideal option. The most popular time to put a home on the market is also in the spring which makes for these winter projects being even more ideal if you are looking to sell your home. Homes often sell for a higher dollar in the beginning of the year.