3 Tips For Painting Your Porch

When you are painting your house, you might be thinking primarily about the walls, shutters, and the trim. However, there’s one part of your house that stands out from all of the rest. It can set the tone for the entire look of your home. That section is the porch. The porch is where many people go to relax on a nice day, where visitors reach the front door, and where people’s eyes are first drawn. So, your porch needs to look great. You can, of course, paint your porch the same color as the rest of your house. However, you can also choose something interesting and dynamic. If you’re going to do that, you should follow a few guidelines to make sure you get it right. No matter what color you paint it, you also need to make sure you’re taking a few porch-specific steps.

1 – Sand The Paint

 Your porch is going to get a lot of foot traffic. It’s likely made of wood or cement, which means that it will get pretty slick when you paint it. To avoid that problem, you should consider sanding the paint. That simply means adding sand to the paint before you roll it onto the porch floor. You can use a grit specifically designed for paint, or you can just add some sand. Construction sand tends to be bigger grains. Play sand tends to be finer and slightly more uniform. Either one will work fine for your needs; you just need to add some texture to the paint.


2 – Use a Thick Paint for the Ceiling

 It’s also very common to paint the ceiling of your porch. Many porches, especially across the Southeast, have roofs that are painted sky blue. If you’re going to paint the ceiling of your porch, you should use a thicker paint that won’t run as easily. You want to avoid drips as much as possible. A no-primer paint could be a great option. Self-priming or no-primer paint is just paint that is thicker than the typical paint. Using this paint will reduce the likelihood that it drops on you.


3 – Consider Fading

 Your porch is going to fade in ways that are not quite uniform. The sunlight will hit the areas around your porch harder than it will hit any part that is protected by the porch roof. So, you’ll get inconsistent fading all over your porch. That could be somewhat awkward if you haven’t planned for it. There are a few ways to plan for that inconsistent fading when it comes to painting your porch.

You could choose to paint your porch multiple different colors. Paint the parts that will experience direct sunlight a darker shade than the rest of the porch. That means they’ll fade to match the rest of the porch. You can also paint them a very light color, so fading won’t be noticeable.

Choose an Experienced Boise Painter

If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, not to worry. Pick an experienced painter in Boise and they’ll take good care of you!

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