Cold Weather Doesn’t Mean Painting Stops

Some people think that just because winter comes, home painting projects need to stop. This is simply not true, especially since there are so many paints, primers, and stains on the market formulated especially for cold weather. In fact there are benefits to painting in the winter as opposed to in the summer months, especially when it comes to interior painting projects. This article goes over some of those benefits and explains why cold weather doesn’t mean the painting stops. 

During the winter months, we often spend more time inside than we do outside. This gives us more of an opportunity to notice those projects that need to be done. The satisfaction of completing a DIY project alone may be enough motivation to paint during the winter. Completing a project feels good! But even if that is not reason enough to do it, there are plenty of others to consider.

Painting contractors may be more available in the winter

When the weather is cooler, painting contractors are often less busy. This can mean that it may be easier for you to hire one when you want to. It may also mean a discount for you, if you find the right contractor. This is a great reason to keep painting in the winter time. 

Use your time wisely!

Interior painting jobs are especially nice winter projects. Staying out of the cold  is one reason to paint  inside  during the winter months. You will also be using up any spare time that you have in the winter as opposed to cutting into other leisure activities that you may be planning during the summer or warmer months of the year. This breaks up the monotony and boredom of cold winter days. Colder Weather also means faster drying times for interior paint. Leaving the windows open to ventilate your house while the paint dries will help get the job done faster. 

Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, are always a concern when painting. There are products out there with low VOC, which should eliminate most of this concern for you. Another advantage painting in the winter time is shaking things up. You may notice that your walls or other interior surfaces look old or dingy during the winter time since you are in the house more often! A complete painting overhaul or even one simple accent wall can give you a brand new look and feel. With new paint you can get a new outlook.

Save a little time…and money

Two of the best reasons to paint during the winter time is to save time and money. You can paint cabinets, apply epoxy garage floor coatings, and interior walls during the winter months. These projects don’t usually take up too much time but they take long enough to give you something good to do while waiting out the winter. The cost is also lower, because of faster drying times and potential discounts from contractors. You can even expect to spend less time and money painting an exterior during the winter. You may want to hire a reputable Boise painting contractor for this since there are special considerations to take in during the winter time if you’re going to paint the outside of your house.