Exploring the Geometric Paint Trend

Painting interior walls is a great way to add new excitement to a room. A new coat of paint can help an old wall look fresh and new. You can paint the entire room or just one wall, depending how much change you’re seeking. There are several trends that you might have noticed if you’ve been looking for ideas on social media. Geometric shapes are definitely one of the hottest trends. They run the gamut between simple squares or diamonds to complex patterns. If you want to get on the trend, here is how.


Painter’s Tape

 First, you’ll need to make sure you have a lot of painter’s tape. Painter’s tape does two things that are very important. First, painter’s tape peels off of walls without leaving behind sticky residue or peeling up the old paint. That’s important for not creating extra work for yourself. Secondly, painter’s tape is paint-proof. Paint will not leak through the tape. Therefore, you can paint over it and when you peel it off the wall, it will leave behind crisp lines.


Pick Your Designs

 If you’re making the designs yourself, you’ll want to stay within your artistic abilities. Fortunately, geometric shapes are very simple with painter’s tape. If you want to have a pattern that runs for an entire wall, you should measure where you want it to start and where to stop. Sketch out with painter’s tape the designs you want. Diamonds, triangles, and any design with straight lines will be simplest.

If you don’t feel comfortable making your own designs, you can actually use stencils of sorts. Pick boxes, dishes, or other items that are in the shape you want. Tape around them to create your shapes.


Pick Your Colors

 You’ll need at least two colors with which to create your designs. You’ll need the color of the lines and the color of the base coat. The simplest option is to paint the wall a base color; this is the color that will make up the lines of your designs. Tape off the shapes and then paint the entire wall again; when you peel off the tape, you’ll have designs in the color of the bottom coat.

There are two basic concepts; you could choose two colors that are very similar to one another. That will make subtle shapes on your walls. For example, a burgundy wall with crimson lines could look great. Alternately, you could choose starkly different colors that complement. For example, you might consider green and yellow.

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