How to Choose a Concrete Coatings Company

Concrete coatings are becoming more popular every day. Whether it’s a simple epoxy floor or a more durable concrete coating option, hiring the right company to do the work makes all the difference. You have many options among concrete coatings contractors. Here are a few of the most important questions to consider before entering a contract.

How Much Experience Do They Have?

Anyone can start a business and say they are a “floor coating” expert. The question is, “are they really?” Find out how many jobs they’ve done and ask to see before and after photos. Ask for personal references for specific jobs. Being able to ask other homeowners or business owners about their experience with a company will go a long way to making sure you hire the right company!

What About Reviews?

Check out 3rd party reviews like Google, Facebook, etc., for a comprehensive look at how their previous clients feel about them. While most companies include testimonials, they’re unlikely to include anyone that didn’t have a positive experience. These 3rd party sites will provide a better picture of the overall satisfaction, or dissatisfaction, of past clients. You can also gain more information from a company that claims to have “a decade of experience” yet have less than 10 reviews. Have they done the work they claim? Why don’t they have more reviews? Maybe they are not the concrete coatings experts they claim to be.

Which Products Do They Use?

A professionally applied product will perform better than a product applied by an amateur. However, a superior product applied by professionals will provide for the best outcome possible. Ask specifically which product line they use. Do your research on the product line just like you did on the company itself. You need to know if people are happy or unhappy with the results. Penntek Industrial Coatings makes some of the highest quality concrete floor coatings (epoxy floors services)on the market today, providing for an incredibly durable floor.

Hire an Experienced Concrete Coatings Company

Your newly coated floor should last for years. You can help ensure its longevity by hiring an experienced concrete coatings company that uses only high quality products. If you are looking at epoxy floors or polyurea coated floors or anything in between, be sure the company you hire is worthy of your trust!