Mistakes to Avoid in Exterior Painting

Anyone can slap a coat of paint on a house but to paint well takes attention to detail and expertise. Expert level painting takes extensive knowledge as well as additional tools and equipment. Proper tools and training really make a difference when painting the exterior of a home. Safety equipment is also important when it comes to to painting. Two story homes can be challenging for a DIY painter but a professional can make quick work of it.

There are some simple steps that can really make a big difference when it comes to painting the exterior of a home.

Surface prep is vital. Skipping or minimizing surface prep can make a big impact on the finished project. Cleaning, repairing, sanding and scraping are all important parts of the surface prep. The surface needs to be clean, healthy and receptive to taking the paint.
Apply primer. Painting bare wood does not yield the best results. A coat of primer is the foundation to a good paint job and can ensure the finished job has a solid coverage.

Use Quality Paint. Quality paint may not be as inexpensive but it gives a better quality finished look.
Repair split or cracked wood before painting. Painting over damage masks a bigger problem. Moisture issues can show up as split or cracked wood and should be addressed to better deal with the issue rather than just painting over it.
Paint in the right conditions. Painting in the blistering heat or in wet conditions is not advised. Paint is formulated to deal with colder temperatures but extra hot days can be an issue. DIrect sunlight can also cause issues with paint. Painting between rain storms or right after the rain is also not advised.
Ensure your ladder is safe. Ladder safety is obviously a big concern with painting the exterior of a home. Ensuring you do not reach too far, stay off the top rung, and ensure the base of the ladder is properly secured. Make sure to be conscious of your surroundings and alert whenever you are using a ladder.
Painting the exterior of a home is a big undertaking and is often best left to the professionals. The prep, primer and painting can take days and be more than a DIYer can handle. Hand Williams Professional Painting your to-do list, and then go enjoy your summer. If you have any questions or would like to talk painting, contact us today!

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