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Natural Colors Are Trending For Home Painting Projects

For home exteriors, white is probably the most popular color. It’s followed closely by beige, tan, gray, and a few other tones of off-white. These are all neutral colors that pair well with colored shutters, colorful doors, and the lawn. Many homeowners are looking for something more interesting than just white or off-white for their homes, while still staying close to neutral. For that, they’re looking to natural colors. Natural colors in this sense are colors that commonly occur in nature. For example, purple is a natural color but it’s not very common outside of certain flowers.

Earth Tones

Earth tones are incredibly popular for home exteriors. These range from cream to greige to dark brown. Earth tones are great for your exterior because they are so versatile and have such a wide range. If you want a color that suggests white while being a little bit easier to keep clean, you could choose a very light brown. The light brown will pair well with other earth tones to create an understated look. You can also pair it with bright shutters or a bright door to let those colors really pop.

If you want something a little more striking, you could choose a deeper shade of brown. That deeper shade of brown will be even easier to keep clean, since it’s the same color as dirt. It will hide stains and grime for much longer than a lighter shade. It will also pair very well with lightly color shutters or doors.

Sky Tones

Instead of looking down for earth tones, some homeowners are looking up at the sky. The sky runs a wide gamut of colors throughout the day. Typically, shades of blue are used for the sky tones. A very light blue could look almost white while still adding some extra depth to the color. Alternately, you could opt for something very bold like a dark blue. Black is another trending color, so a dark blue could evoke black without being quite as flat and dark.

Many homeowners opt for something in the middle. They opt for something bolder than a pale blue but not as striking as a royal blue.


Green is the other color that is commonly found in nature. Green is very versatile because it lends itself well to being mixed with other colors. Mix white in with your green and you just get a lighter green. Mix some yellow, and you get a more bright green. You can also tilt the green more towards blue, if you’d like.

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