The Paint Colors That Make Your Home More Valuable

If you are looking to sell your home or just need to have it appraised for some kind of loan purposes, you should consider painting it before you do. A coat of new paint in your rooms will make the home look brand new and fresh; you can calso get in on different trends that make it easier to sell your home by looking more trendy. However, there’s also another benefit to painting your home; some colors have been shown to make a home sell for more money. Here are the colors for different rooms.

Paint the Bathroom Light Blue

The home selling service, Zillow, commissioned a study of all of the houses that sell on their platform. They found that homes with light blue bathrooms tend to sell for $5,000 more than homes with other colors. There could be a number of reasons for this; one of the reason could be that light blue makes the walls look more like the sky. That makes the bathrooms seem larger, and everyone wants a large bathroom.

Paint the Bedroom Royal Blue

The trend towards blue continues unabated when it comes to the bedroom. The difference is that light blue is not the preferred color for bedrooms. Instead, bold blue accents are wanted for a bedroom. That could mean royal blue curtains, royal blue trim, or any kind of royal blue. Painting all four walls royal blue could be too much, but painting the trim that color could work.

Paint the Kitchen Cabinets Royal Blue

The same royal blue that is popular for bedrooms is also popular for kitchens. As with bedrooms, buyers don’t seem to want the kitchen to be completely blue. They want bold blue accents. So, you could paint your cabinets a bold blue to help it stand out against a light colored wall. Painting the trim, ceiling fan, and kitchen chairs royal blue could be a great idea as well.

Paint the Front Door Blue

Homes with blue front doors sell for about $1,500 more than other homes, but it needs to be a bold blue.

Essentially, the verdict is in; blue can increase the value of your home. However, that means you need to have light blue in the bathroom. You need a bright blue in every other room but only in accents such as doors, chairs, trims, and cabinets. All told, you can increase the price of your home by thousands of dollars.

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