Should You Paint Your House with Rollers or Sprayers?

Painting a house can be labor intensive; that’s why people are always looking for different ways to make it go more smoothly. To that end, debate rages about the difference between paint sprayers and paint rollers. The debate usually has a few areas of disagreement; they are expense, efficiency, and ease.

The Expense

When it comes to the expense of a paint roller versus a paint sprayer, you need to account for the expense of the equipment as well as the expense of the paint. A paint sprayer generally costs between $75 and $500 depending on the number of attachments and the quality of the sprayer. By contrast, a set of rollers might cost you $15. It might be another $15 to buy some extensions for the high spaces. You should also account for the cost of a ladder if you don’t want to get the extension. With paint rollers, you’ll also need some brushes to get tight corners and to do the trim.

With all of that in consideration, a paint roller will definitely cost you less. You’ll be able to wash and reuse most paint rollers. You’ll also be able to reuse your paint sprayer. The paint sprayer is much faster in many contexts which means that you’ll save money if you have to take time off work.

The winner is the paint roller but you need to account for efficiency.

The Efficiency

A paint sprayer is generally easier to use well to cover flat surfaces than a paint roller. However, you’ll have to do much more taping to protect places you don’t want painted. With a paint roller, you can just not paint the window. With a paint sprayer, you’ll have to tape up the window to make sure that no overspray gets on it. That’s especially difficult if it gets windy.

This is more of a tie. A paint roller has less prep work but the sprayer applies paint more quickly. Also, the paint sprayer works better in corners or on rough surfaces. If you’re trying to paint brick, the sprayer wins. If you’re painting something flat, the roller wins.

The Ease

A paint sprayer is generally considered easier to use. It takes a little bit of practice to get the proper sweeping motion to apply the paint; however, once you get the hang of it, the paint goes on quickly. A paint roller has a learning curve as well. You have to be very careful about the amount of pressure you apply.

The winner is the paint sprayer. Overall, it’s a matter of preference. If you want to be quick and save money, choose a roller. If you have more time, the sprayer is easier to use.

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