Painting Your Home…Where to Start?

Painting your home is a big undertaking and you may not be ready to do all the rooms at once. Prioritizing rooms of your home to be painted is a great way to get the home painted in stages to make the process feel less disruptive. The process of painting does require some shifting of furniture and belongings which can be stressful and exhausting for customers.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are one of the best places to start with painting. These rooms are some of the most used rooms in our home and when these rooms are messy it can make the whole home feel messy. Getting these rooms painted and reorganized first can help your home feel functional even when the rest of the house is disrupted.

Kitchens are another area that you may want to start with. The kitchen can be a disruptive room to paint because of the odor. Cooking food in a room that smells of paint can be unappetizing. Painting this room quickly will allow you to get back into the space once the smell has dissipated. Plan ahead with your grocery shopping during your home painted so you don’t waste food while your kitchen is being painted.

The living spaces of your home like the living and family room are great to do after the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. These are generally the biggest rooms in the house and take more time to paint. After these rooms are complete the house will likely begin to feel like its organized and put together again.

Laundry rooms and mudrooms are generally on the lowest priority. Plan ahead with your laundry so you will have plenty of clean clothes during the painting process.

Ask your painter about breaking up the painting process to keep your home as functional as possible. Ask about low or no VOC paints and open windows to let the smell out. Painting your home can be a disruptive process but the effort is worthwhile when your see your beautiful new paint.

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