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Is Powder Coating The Future?

If you have metal items at your house, especially metal outdoor furniture, keeping it in good condition is a chore. Metal tends to rust and corrode even if you keep it free from rain. The moisture in the air alone is enough to tarnish metal over time. Most people will paint their outdoor furniture to keep this from happening. If you just need a quick solution, paint will work. Paint takes time to dry, it fades over time, and it can chip. It can be difficult to get paint to adhere to certain metals, especially glossy metals such as stainless steel. Fortunately, there is an option that many people have chosen: powder coating.

What Is Powder Coating?

Paint is made up of three basic components: a binder, a filler, and a solvent. The solvent keeps the color and the binder in a liquid suspension. The solvent has to dry and the binder has to cure to make the paint adhere. Powder coating is different. It’s a dry powder of the binder and the color. It’s applied using a pressurized spray. It’s then cured with heat. The powder liquefies and forms a hard shell on the surface of the metal. It binds to the metal faster and more strongly than liquid paint. It also maintains its bright color for much longer.

Powder coating does not nick or scratch as easily as paint does. So, should you consider it?

Should You Consider It?

Powder coating is the wave of the future for outdoor furniture because it provides you with durable, vibrant colors. It protects the metal as well. The biggest caveat is that you can’t simply open a can of powder coat and apply it. Many people call a professional to powder coat their furniture. If you want to do it yourself, there are DIY powder coating options. Typically, you will apply the powder coat much like a paint sprayer. You need an air compressor, a nozzle and hose attachment, and the powder itself. You then spray it onto your furniture using even sweeping motions. You can simply sweep up the overspray since it is a loose powder.

You then need to cure the powder with heat. This can be done with a heat gun or a dedicated oven if the pieces are small enough. Because it requires a little more work, DIY powder coating is not as popular as calling a professional.

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