How to Protect your Landscape When Painting

When having the exterior of your home painted, the landscape can be adversely affected if not properly protected. Professional house painters are great at watching out for your landscaping but there are some steps you may want to take to ensure the plants survive the new coat of paint. These tips are easy and inexpensive and will make a difference in how your landscaping responds to the painting process.

Cover plants

Covering plants with a light drop cloth, plastic sheeting or trash bags can help protect them. Flowers, shrubs, bushes and other plants that are close to the house should be covered to help protect them from damage. Heavy tarps can damage the plants and should not be used. The covers should be removed at night to allow the plants to breath and receive the light they need to survive. Canopies are also an option for protecting plants. Sturdy sticks can be put on all sides of the plants and trash bags or plastic sheeting can be attached to create a roof for the plans while allowing them to breath and get light.

You may also try watering the plants more than normal. Keeping the leaves and flowers damp can help to prevent paint from sticking to the plants.

Talk with your painter

Experienced, professional painters are great at protecting plants and will likely have some techniques in mind to best protect your home’s plants. They can also discuss concerns you may have with specific plants to best protect them. They can offer specific tools and techniques like trenching and tarping and create a map of places to avoid ladder placement. This may be the first time you’ve had your home painted, but it won’t be their first time. Benefit from the professional’s experience by asking questions about what concerns you most. They’ll be happy to help!

When having your home painted, most generally the goal is to beautify your home. Trashed landscaping won’t give you the finished product you are looking for! The right painter can protect your landscape while beautifully painting your home.


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