Six Great Neutral Colors

If you are getting ready to list your home for sale and need to paint your home neutral colors are a great option. Neutral colors help to include all potential buyers and don’t turn off any buyers because of their personal preferences. Most real estate agents also recommend removing personal photos, religious mementos, and unique art to create the most buyer friendly home. Touching up your walls and adding a neutral color can make a huge impact in the sale of your home. 

Warm gray is a great option and often a go-to color choice of home stagers. Warm gray colors are a buyer favorite and create a tranquil environment. We recommend a light tone of gray that won’t overpower your space. Warm grays work well in open floor plans and large great rooms. The gray tone helps to show off the different architectural designs and create a warm feel. 

Blue grays are also a great option and fit most design aesthetics. Blue gray colors work great in transitional, modern and traditional designs and appeal to many buyers. These blue gray colors often go unnoticed but make the house feel inviting.

Greige has become one of the most popular neutrals over the last decade because it combines two great neutrals into one. This color is ideal for staging a home and the combination of gray and beige means anyones furniture will match. Greige works for both interior and exterior paint and can increase home values. 

Light blue is another great neutral option. Light blue is a calming color for most buyers and can make them feel at peace in your home. Most people agree that light blue is a great neutral and there have even been studies showing people find this shade to be calming. Light blue is a peaceful color and can really make buyers feel at home. While this is still a neutral option it can stand out as a design element and make the house feel put together. 

Warm neutrals are another great option which include a range of colors like cream and yellow. These colors are again very welcoming and create a cheery feel in the home. 

Finally, cream is a classic paint option and truly a timeless neutral. Pale cream shades never go out of style and can work beautifully in any home. Many people find that cream paint colors make a room feel larger and brighter. Some homeowners choose to maximize this effect by painting the trim and ceiling the same color to really enlarge the room, when there is no visual break the room feels much bigger. This method works great in dark rooms and small spaces. 

While you should paint your home whatever color you want you will want to avoid some colors when selling your home. Bright and bold colors can make a room feel overwhelming and even smaller. Lighter colors are best for selling. Black, orange and violet are all colors that should be avoided when selling. They can overpower a room and make it feel smaller and less inviting. Accent walls can be a great style choice but may eliminate some interested buyer. 

 If you are looking into painting your home as part of the staging process a professional painter is a great way to get this done fast. Roe Paint is a great resource for all your residential painting needs and can quickly paint the interior of your home and get it ready for market. Paint is a great way to give your home a facelift and help you to get top dollar on your upcoming sale. 


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