Taking Epoxy Flooring to the Next Level! Why Polyurea Floors are Better

In your research of concrete floor coatings you may have stumbled across polyurea. Polyurea is a type of polyurethane. This compound creates urea linkage when isocyanates react to polyetheramines or water. Polyurea and epoxy are both 2 part components that mix the resin with a catalyst to cure. Polyurea has 98% more solids than epoxy which makes it four times as strong but 98% more flexible. Polyurea is very elastic and can stretch with expansion and shrink with contraction and not crack. 

Polyurea is also very resistant to harsh chemicals, salt, gas and more. The only maintenance needed is simple sweeping and mopping with a non corrosive cleaner. Your polyurea floor should look great for years to come. Epoxy can stain and become damaged with chemicals like street de-icer, salt and gas. Chemical resistance is important for garages but incredibly important in warehouses. Chemical spills are bound to happen and eating through your epoxy coating can ruin the functionality of your floor. Chemical resistance may be a deciding factor for your warehouse concrete coating project. 

Polyurea also features better UV stability. Polyurea is 100% UV stable and works great on outdoor surfaces. It won’t fade or discolor in the sun. Polyurea does not get hot to the touch which means it won’t burn feet on pool decks or patios. Epoxy can get very hot and makes it less than ideal for pool decks where you will likely be barefoot. UV stability is a great benefit and something to consider if you are considering a patio or pool deck concrete coating. 

Epoxy has a common failure that is called hot tire pick-up. When tires get hot during the summer from use and the heat of the asphalt and then pull into the garage they can tear the epoxy away from the concrete. This removes the epoxy film and leaves delaminated marks. Polyurea and other polyaspartic coatings resist chipping and peeling better and do not have issues with hot tire pickup. Hot tire pickup is not just a concern for garages, it can also be an issue for warehouses where forklifts are used. 

Concrete coatings generally have a multiplayer application. The prime/color coat, paint chip layer and the top coat layer. Polyurea systems dry fast and can be used the next day but full epoxy systems take a few days to full cure. Polyurea and other polyaspartic coatings can also be applied in nearly any temperature, ranging from -30f to 140f. Epoxy can only be applied in temperatures above 55F  which means in Boise you will have to wait until spring or summer for a new application. 

Polyurea is faster, can be used quicker and is a superior project. It really is the best option for garage coatings, patio coatings and even industrial usage. Roe paint is your expert on all things polyurea and can’t wait to share more details with you. Roe Paint works with polyurea coatings to offer you the best concrete coating on the market.