Paint Colors to Improve Resale Value

We all know that paint is an important part of curb appeal but the paint colors throughout your home can actually affect the resale value as well. A new coat of paint is not enough, it needs to also be the right shade to really help your home shine. Paint colors can really influence buyers. Paint colors can make a space feel or look bigger, create a relaxing environment and make the home more appealing.

When it comes to paint colors you do need to watch the trends to really help increase your curb appeal and home value. If the paint colors do not go with the current trend it can look dated and buyers may be less attracted to your home.

Exterior Colors-

The exterior of your home is the first impression buyers will get and a really important part of the overall feel of your home. Greige is the hottest color on the market for exteriors and is a combination of gray and beige. These colors lend themselves well to both gray color schemes and brown color schemes which make them a great neutral for just about anyone’s taste. Greige has surpassed tan and brown homes as the most popular exterior color.

Front Door Colors-

Front doors have become a hot location for adding a pop of color. They are a focal point of the home and a great place to add some style. If you have a greige home you may want to paint the door navy blue, charcoal or dark gray. The color of the front door should pull together the look of the exterior paint and trim.

Kitchen Colors-

When painting your kitchen you will want to avoid fast food colors like yellow or red because they are loud and lack a calming element. Light blue or gray-blue care great choice for kitchens. Light blue and gray blue are calming colors which is ideal for the kitchen environment.

Living Room Colors-

Neutral colors are ideal in almost any space but especially in a living room. Living room colors come in a lot of variety including light beige, pale taupe and oatmeal. Greige is another great neutral for living rooms. These colors look good with different decor styles. These neutrals aren’t too vibrant or overpowering but still add some style to the room.

Dining Room Colors-

Dining rooms are not as common as the once were but are still a room you will want to tie into the rest of your home if you have one. Dining rooms look great in pale gray blue or a slate blue. A navy blue is a great option for a more bold paint choice that looks beautiful with a beautiful wood table or crisp white trim.

Bathroom Colors-

The bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that really makes or breaks deals for buyers. Adding a powder blue, periwinkle or any purplish blue hue is very trendy right now. These colors will look beautiful next to white porcelain and can add a touch of style without being too bold.

Bedroom Colors-

Bedrooms are a space in the home that should feel calm. Bedroom colors are important for helping a buyer feel at ease and restful. Cool colors are best in bedrooms. A light cerulean, a light greige with blue tints or other light blue colors can be a great choice in bedrooms.

Choosing the right paint colors can be a lot of work but can really make a difference when selling your home.

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