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Preparing for Exterior House Painting

Preparing for exterior house painting requires a lot of work. Proper prep work will ensure your exterior paint job is beautiful for years to come. After you select your paint colors you will be ready to start the prep work.

Most of the “real” work starts before the paint is ever applied. There are many steps to get the house ready for painting including caulking, washing and more.

First, wash the exterior of the house. Removing dirt and debris from your home allows the paint to adhere properly. A pressure-washer is the ideal option for getting the house clean. No special detergent is needed, plain water is great for getting the house clean. Cleaning additives may be needed if there is mold present or severe stains. Taking the time to properly clean the surface will make for the best adhesion of the new paint. Now you will need to let the house dry for a day before you move to the next step.

Next, scrape off any flaking paint. A basic paint scraper and some time is all that is needed for this step. It is important that you wait 24 hours between washing and scraping to ensure you only take off the flaking paint!

Then, caulking should be applied to any of the cracked seams and along vertical junctions. Voids and cracks should be filled with caulking. The caulking should be applied until it overflows and then you will wipe away the extra with a towel or damp rag. Avoid caulking any area that is left gapped for ventilation.

After all the caulking is applied you will need to make repairs. Any damaged or rotten areas will need to be replaced or repaired. Clapboards, stairs or overhangs may need to be replaced if they have become damaged by weather, sun or other factors.

Now that all the preparation work has been completed you can start the painting process including primer, trim work and primary painting coats.

Painting is a great investment and can give your home a beautiful facelift. Fresh exterior paint adds significant curb appeal to your home. While DIY projects often turn out beautiful results, exterior painting can be more than most homeowners bargain for! If you’re considering repainting your home, take the time to contact a professional home painter first. They’re skilled pros that have the proper tools for the job and will provide unrivaled results.

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